Where did you catch COVID

  • Household member (child through school)
  • Household member (child, not through school)
  • Household member (other)
  • Family gathering
  • Social gathering
  • Work or office
  • Bar or restaurant
  • During medical/dental visit
  • Out in public while indoors (ie shopping, gym)
  • Out in public while outdoors (ie park or neighborhood walk)
  • While attending a large outdoor event
  • While attending a large indoor event
  • Other
  • Unknown
  • I am still a COVID virgin

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Christmas at the in-laws, guilted into going because “it might be Grandma’s last Christmas”.

Indeed it was, just a couple weeks later. At least 2 of us caught COVID in the 3 days we all stayed in close quarters together. I’ll never know if that’s what took Grandma because the entire family is anti-vax COVID deniers. She was admittedly in terrible health already, even if COVID did take her, her chance of living another year was low.

Im pretty sure it was from work. Maybe church. Those were the only times I was around people who don’t live at my house, and nobody else who lives at my house got it.

Pretty sure it was through greenboy via his basketball team.

Dad, visiting him and helping him get up after he fell a few times at his apartment.

I don’t really know, honestly, if my gf and I were exposed together, I was exposed and passed it on to her, or she was exposed and passed it on to me.

Religious service, would have been a good poll option.

The poll is defective. I’ve had COVID at least twice.

First time, I almost certainly got it at a doctor’s office.

Second time…my wife gave me COVID for my last birthday.

I knowingly exposed myself to COVID a week and a half ago, and had suspicious symptoms a few days later, but rapid testing never confirmed.

Only the first time really matters.

I think at a casino that i took my mom to. I was masked, but i think i took my mask off to take a dump in the restroom.
Tables were very lax at requiring masks. Of 7 players, only 4 were masked.
My mom did not get COVID despite the 90 minute drive home. She is over 80.
My wife and kids have not yet tested positive for COVID, despite being in the same house for two weeks before I finally got early cold symptoms and tested positive.

Wedding. It was outdoor ceremony and cocktails, but then indoor for food and dancing. I could sense COVID was in the air that night, but I had already attended multiple weddings during Delta/Omicron and never caught it. I was invincible I thought. Nope, it was a super spreader.

I put unknown. In the 7 days prior to symptoms I had done the following unmasked-
-multiple restaurants
-NHL game
-high intensity gym
-family gathering
-movie theater
-bowling alley
-grocery and other big box stores
Plus being around my kids.

So one of those places.

44% still haven’t got it, that’s a bit shocking to me

You must be forgetting that actuaries are anti social and this gave them an excuse to avoid people. Plus we can likely afford to have 100% of things delivered to our door.

I always assumed that my main risk was a kid bringing it home from school.


As would “airport/airplane”.

I can’t say for certain if I had COVID or not since the only time I had “symptoms” that could be COVID was in Nov 2018, and it would’ve definitely been from being in O’Hare.

A big factor from my observations is whether someone has kids. Seems like anyone who has a toddler is/was doomed to get it.


I put my family member. He got it first, then me. So while we were shopping at grocery store and attending outdoor church services, it was at his work where we knew it to be going around and people weren’t masking unless strictly required. At church we were outdoors, masked, and distanced. At the grocery store I didn’t get close to any one person for more than a minute—did self checkout.

Have any of you people gotten long covid? That stuff freaks me out.

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I do know that I have “reduced lung capacity” and I don’t have as much stamina. While I have other symptoms, they are all kind of vague and nothing that keeps me from working.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I likely caught it working in a concession stand. N95 masked, but prolonged exposure to someone who tested positive 36 hrs later.

Traveled by car to join a family celebration at the beginning of July. 2 of 3 that flew to join tested positive within 2 days of returning. Others attending tested positive but asymptomatic. Luckily my 70-something aged mom was negative. All my immediate family did not catch. All family is vaccinated, older folks boosted too.