Where are you planning on travelling this year?

Can be for:

  1. Business
  2. Solo leisure
  3. Family trip
  4. Friends trip

I have been trying to get (4) going with a bunch of friends (skiing in Alps) but its planning to be near impossible because of schedules, kids, and schools.

Mostly just have (1) and (3) planned.

(1) to Switzerland
(3) to Denmark, Scotland, Finland (Lapland)

Would love to visit Canada with the little one but that would be at least a 3-4 week trip (it would eat most of my annual leave) so am doing shorter trips this year.

I do miss being able to WFH internationally for months on end (one of the only real “advantages” of the pandemic). They put restrictions on that now so my dream of running around US and CA for 2 months with the family while working remotely is effectively kaputt.

None of your business.

I don’t feel the need to brag on a forum.
But, yeah, going to Canada, and you’re not!! IN YOUR FACE!!! (mic drop)

Don’t you have a brag thread (s)?

Its just travel here.

OMG you’re going to @Breadmaker Fanfest '23 also? Need a roomie? I haven’t been snoring much lately.

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I have no words. No clue as to what that is. Just visiting some family.
The one constant on my trips, though, is to find the local craft breweries. Was planning a trip to Sequoia (hey, all five vowels!) national park, but it is likely to be closed and the cute little owner-operated motel (sheep! dogs! goats!) was full (or closed as well), AND there was a craft brewery nearby. So, lose-lose. Lose.

Now, Bluesapalooza in Mammoth…I have a friend with a couple of condos and goes every year… Hmm…

Ooooooh!!! Oooooooh!!! Fanfest '23!!! We don’t have Happy Hour, but we could go for steak and sushi!!! :cut_of_meat: :sushi: :party: :beers: :wine_glass: :tumbler_glass:

Thinking about taking the whole family to Portland in June, since I have to go out there anyway for business.

If not that, then a trip to NY or Chicago over a long weekend.

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No plans to hit up Central IL?

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:airplane: ??? That would be a heck of a long drive!!!

I was born in Peoria, but moved out of IL when I was six months old, and I think that’s still too much exposure to Peoria.


We would definitely fly, as nervous as that makes me. Anything more than 15 hours away with kids becomes too much, we would spend the whole time off just driving there and back.

But imagine the character you could build in your kids with such an event!!

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Yeah, forgot to say how tiring it is to travel with smaller children.

Our little one gets a bit of motion sickness in cars as well.

So heat + car + bendy movement = barf time

Yellowstone and Tetons are right on the way, too. Rushmore, Badlands, etc.
On the way back, drive south to Yosemite, then the five NP’s of Utah. Buy a National Park Season Pass and get free admission.
Or, just try to see all that from 50000 feet.

Skip the road to Hana then.

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I thought my wife was either going to die or divorce me by the end of that!!!

It would have been unfortunate for us since it was on our honeymoon. :laughing:


Had to look that up (had never heard of Hana)

London - San Fran - Hawaii flights ouch

That sounds…long 18h+

Beach trip 2 in about a month
Denver in early May
Beach trip 3 to one of my favorite unique spots: Little Saint Simons Island
Washington DC in September
Probably Germany in fall. No details yet

Will travel otherwise, but that’s it for the drawing board right now

I have done the road to Hana. It was fun. We stayed in Hana for 2 nights, and very few tourists actually stay there. That was interesting, as it was a sleepy small town for most of the day when the tourists weren’t coming/going for a few hours in the afternoon.