When would you retire?

If you had all the money you want, would you retire? If not, when would you? Would you stick to actuarial?

I’d give my 2 week notice tomorrow if I had all the money I need.


Maybe when I’m eligible for Medicare. Probably not before then if I can help it.

I suspect though I’ll likely need to work until my mid-70’s. I don’t believe in hyper-longevity, but I think more and more people will need to be prepared to live to 100, and I have centenarian genes already. So I’ll work as long as I can, although it may not be full time employment.

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nah, I don’t want to be rude about it. I like my coworkers. Standard 2 weeks.


if you have all the money you want, why would you need medicare? ALL THE MONEY YOU WANT.


lol money

I’d work late and hand in my resignation tonight.

Seriously, two weeks and I’m out. I’d want to take some down time and then pursue… something.

Would try to get six weeks in Patagonia sooner than later.

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Not sure I’ll retire anytime soon. Current job should wrap me up to retirement, but after that I may either morph to a related career that’s less hours. Or I might go back to school fulltime. Or, maybe something completely different. I have a couple of business ideas I’d like to build out.
But just stop working? Not in the short to mid term. Boring.


I had enough for my desired lifestyle and did retire early.


i would start golf lessons and set a new goal of golfing every course in the world

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I like what I do. I actually do. Like the people I work with, the chance to win new clients, etc. that said…i will retire as soon as I can afford to.

That includes savings to live off of for longevity to 90s (using regularly accepted investment/withdrawal schedules) and includes funds for healthcare as needed (if calling it pre- or post-medicare eligibility age).

i view retirement as a time I can be more choosy in how I spend my time. Perhaps it will include work of some kind and perhaps even full time in some role (albeit I hope not really full time for full years at a time). working at something is good for the mind, good for staying busy, good for having human connections, can provide structure, etc. So I would enjoy that flexibility w my time ASAP if I can.

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Working is boring

yeah, if work is the only thing that interests you, that’s pretty sad

maybe they have the best job in the world for them?

I have enough for my desired lifestyle, and I’m debating it.

I work part time. I get more of my own stuff done when i have structure that i need to fit it into. I’m super lazy and just put stuff off if i don’t have structure. So I’m afraid that if i retire I’ll do less other stuff than i do now.

But I’ve had some very frustrating interactions at work recently. So maybe i should just quit. (That is, retire.)


there’s so much I’d do other than actuarial work.

Build a kingdom with unlimited money. Like Michael Jackson, minus the kids. Bodybuilders welcome though.

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The minute work is boring, I quit. Done it more than once.
I like going to work.

I mostly like work as well. I will need hobbies when i retire. I can fill a few days a week with golf but need more than that to stay happy.

Things like travel are interesting but also expensive, so the money factor would be important.

I could not give 2 weeks today as i don’t have those sort of ideas really sorted out.

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I’m about at the point where, on paper at least, I have enough to retire.

I’m going to keep going for the forseable future, partly because I “need” to be busy and I enjoy my work, and partly because my wife points out that we still don’t have enough to live in the lifestyle she’d like to become accustomed to.

If I ever became ridiculously wealthy, I’d consider changing careers to something more “fun” but less lucrative…but I’d still work. (It might be working from a luxury Class A RV wandering around the continent…but I’d still work.)

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