When Sports and Politics Collide

Thought we need a whole thread on this, and since it will be about politics, the Politics Forum it goes.

First up: “I’m not X; YOU’re X.”

Chrissy and Martina say, “Don’t go there, girls.”

Then the Saudi Man says:

“Sports are meant to be a great equalizer that offers opportunity to everyone based on ability, dedication and hard work,” the Saudi diplomat said. “Sports should not be used as a weapon to advance personal bias or agendas …”

Pot, meet kettle.


I wonder if the women on the courts will get stoned if they are not wearing head coverings. Or perhaps the ones who don’t have male guardians will quietly be taken to some prison? Or perhaps they will be assaulted and then blamed for the assault. Who knows…

A harsh assessment of those bothered by Taylor Swift.


Some women are more equal than others.

I hope one of two things will happen:

  1. All the players wear burkas and play in them for the whole match.
  2. They start out wearing burkas, but after the first set, slowly and seductively take them off.

Seems to me also that Taylor Swift isn’t the first female star to date an NFL player. My favorite Chiefs fan hates it, calls it a distraction, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt the team.

Mr aj is a lifelong Cowboys fan so I remember Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo. I’m sure there are a ton more but I’m an on again/off again NFL fan so I don’t know.

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Fellas, it’s kinda gay to like pretty female billionaires.

Side servings of “women are for breeding” and “high body count = worthless feeemale whore”.


There are not words to describe all the ways he should be publicly humiliated. You know, beyond what he does to himself on a daily basis.

Tbh I didn’t know who he is. Not worth a deep dive. Used to be a comedian and small-time actor, started getting spots on PragerU and InfoWars stuff, went full alt-right white supremacist Jews Control The World, lost all his acting gigs (except PragerU videos). Now he mostly exists to say things like that and is building a compound on his property with no water or electricity.

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Jessica Simpson was also at Cowboys games when she was dating Romo.

However she wasn’t hated by Y’all Qaeda so that was fine.


What a douchecanoe.

Lol, I’ve not seen that term before.

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No, she was just hated by Cowboys fans because they thought she was bad luck to Tony Romo.

Then years later, they figured out Tony Romo sucked that much on his own, he didn’t need any help with that.

And look what Tony did to her blossoming career.

I prefer to use Y’all Qaeda for that group, but sometimes use Vanilla Isis instead.


Locally I mostly hear Gravy Seals to describe our backwoods domestic terrorist yokels, or Meal Team Six. We just caught another guy who was going to bomb a church because #SaveTheChildren.


Bullshit. I don’t see Jesus wielding even a single AR-15, let alone the Biblically accurate dual-wielded firearms.

That’s the cuck beta Jesus. Real alpha male Jesus would have all that and carry an ultra-long Bowie knife in his teeth, which he’d use to both pick food out of his teeth and occasionally draw lines on his arms just to show how sharp the blade is.

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And now China has canceled two friendlies in Shanghai for Argentina, because Messi didn’t play.
What a baby country!

Messi’s failure to play in Hong Kong on Sunday caused widespread anger among fans, with China’s state-controlled Global Times saying the “impact of this incident has far exceeded the realm of sports.”

The Beijing Football Association said in a statement to local media: “Beijing does not plan, for the moment, to organise the match in which Lionel Messi was to participate.”

OK, so now you’ll NEVER see Messi play. Good play, stupid country!

I enjoy some things about the age of AI art. Any unhinged person can make 8-pack roid rage Jesus beating the absolute shit out of the Devil like a giant-dildo-wielding Just Cause rampage.

… Hang on, I need to find a program for AI art.

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