When do you put up Christmas decorations?

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When do you put up your Christmas decorations? For those that don’t celebrate Christmas feel free to share your winter holiday decorating schedule :slight_smile:

Depending on whether we are traveling for Thanksgiving and how far, visitors at our place, etc coupled with whether we have a real or fake tree (had real tree for the first half of my married life but switched to a really nice pre-lit tree for about 10 years now) we try to start as close to Thanksgiving as possible but never before. That seems to be what both my wife and I grew up with as well.

  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve
  • Between Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Why would I ever take them down?
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Only maniacs put stuff up before Thanksgiving.

Only maniacs keep the stuff up past early January.

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I saw a Ziggy (I think) cartoon a bunch of years ago. He was outside looking at a house with Christmas lights ablazaing. Date was June 25.

Caption: “Well looks like we are now 6 months early for these, instead of 6 months late.”

(At least, that’s how I remember it.)


Ours go up December first and are taken down on boxing day, including the tree.
I’d keep the tree up until Jan 1, but my SO wants it shoved back up the chimney like the grinch immediately after Christmas.

Everything goes up on black Friday, so if stuff is broken you can get a 30% off. Everything comes down the first weekend of January in which it doesn’t feel like it’s going to kill you to take it down, which is usually around the 15th.

First weekend in January is not around the 15th.

We start Thanksgiving night if we are home, otherwise we start soon after Thanksgiving.

I’d like to say we pull them down in early January, but typically our enthusiasm to put things away is not as great as our enthusiasm was to put them up, so they typically stay up until mid to late January. Our neighbors seem to do the same so we aren’t the weirdos on the block or anything.

Until the past few years, we’d always waited until after Thanksgiving. The last few years, though, my wife has started just after Halloween. I don’t really care about when they go up.

But I do care about when they come down. To me, it’s a shame to take them down before there’s typically been any good snowstorms. Shoveling (or snowblowing) seems much less a PITA when things are lit up imo. Personally, I’d leave them up until snowstorms become unlikely - a day in March when it feels like spring is coming, probably. I’ve convinced a couple neighbors that this is a good idea (I’m guessing they leave them up just to humor me), but I haven’t convinced my wife.


Reading comprehension: FAIL

My bad.

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If we’re putting up outdoor lights, I’ll typically get them up before T-day when the weather isn’t too bad and we don’t have other events taking place. However, they’re not turned on (apart from testing) until after T-day.

Coming down, I’m with @Checker in doing it sometime in Jan where I’m not risking myself. More recently, this wasn’t an issue (didn’t get them up), but I have a feeling that it might not be until Feb.

I don’t participate in any decorating. My wife does it all.

I bring the bins down from the garage loft. I put them back up when they’re empty. Then after Christmas, when I’m told to, I bring them back down to get refilled, then put them back up.
I bring the trees (yes, plural) in from the garage, and put them together. Then, after Christmas, I dismantle them, put them back into their boxes, and put them back in the garage.
I just do the non-brain-use heavy lifting, since every piece must be in its perfect place, and I, when I did participate, never put anything in the right place, according to her. So, fuck it.

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Tree usually goes up the day after thanksgiving. Outdoor lights sometime around then - but we really don’t do much outdoors.

Sometime in early December, when we’re tired of Halloween.

Thanksgiving doesn’t get decorations. It’s just an excuse to eat food and not think about the origins of the holiday (and worry whether racist relatives are talkative that day).

Never:P Halloween gets a lot more decorations and fanfare in my neighborhood anyway. In fact some of the neighbors still have Halloween decorations up… wait… does a “nightmare before Christmas” theme count as Christmas decorations? If so then it’s two holidays for the price of one:)

Now that we’ve gone artificial, the christmas tree and other decorations go up whenever wife says to put them up.

Back in the day, we’d go tree hunting Thanksgiving weekend and that’s when the majority of decorations went up.

Whenever my daughter decides to put them up. She has already started. It’s earlier than usual but she has surgery next week. Also we had to go thru everything and figure out what we could give to her sis who just got married and has no $$ for decorations.

Outdoor decorations will probably happen 1st week or Dec if I had to guess.

I’m technically only a hypo-maniac okay.

Growing up with Canadian Thanksgiving means I’m okay to go anytime after Halloween… but US Thanksgiving makes November a really confusing time for me. I put decorations up when I’m in a rare clean-all-the-things mood and get distracted with also decorating.

I don’t put up no decorations for anything.

That’s sad.