When do you complete your CE hours?

  • Uniformly through the year
  • Mostly near the beginning of the year
  • Mostly in the middle of the year
  • Mostly at the end of the year
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So it’s October and I’m working on organizing my CE so it’s not December by the time I start organizing my CE (an improvement on last year). What say the rest of you, are you better organized and do it on pace with the year (or even ahead of pace)?

My work is pretty busy Jan-May, so I typically do most in the second half of the year.

I used to pray at night as a kid, but now I just read the ASOPs before I go to bed.

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Feels like a Chad meme

It depends on the year, honestly. Currently I have less than half. I’m attending the SOA Impact meeting virtually and I have a webinar coming up, but I’ll be short a few hours and have to find something in November or early December. I did see something about the MidAtlantic meeting that is Virtual so I might do that.

Never! Being not an actuary is awesome!

Depends. I usually do about 10-15 hours of CE on my own throughout the year, one major CAS meeting (this year the annual), and one other CE meeting (AAA Opinion or CANE).

basically get most of it done at one of the meetings. and try to think of shit at the tail end of the year

We get a bunch of stuff through the year in order to keep up our CE. Plus there’s a host of recorded material we can watch/listen to to fill in the gaps.

I like to get to an offsite meeting from time to time, also.

My employer has one of the group signups for all the CAS webinars, so I generally do those through the year as my schedule permits, plus the CANE meetings. This year I’m skipping the fall CANE meeting and going to the CAS meeting in Minneapolis.

At the end of November and beginning of December, I get caught up on logging my CE. If necessary, I’ll spend time the last week of the year chanting ASOPs in front of the altar of actuarial gods, but I doubt that I’ll need to do that. The bigger thing is that I’m counting on there being something in Minneapolis to satisfy the bias CE requirement.


I try to do a webinar or two a month these days. Pre-covid I’d do in person events for almost all of it. Probably going to stick to webinars now, as I don’t mind traveling less frequently as my work travel has ramped up, so no need to toss conferences on top of it.

are there any free webinars stored somewhere I can watch?

Not suer my employer would pay for misc webinars

I think AAA webinars are free if you are a member. They have a bunch of recorded ones on their site. Watching recorded won’t count as organized activity, but will get you other CE

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Yeah you can filter it to complimentary webinars:

On Demand Courses | Casualty Actuarial Society (pathlms.com)

It’s a bit slim pickings though, and you need the live ones for it to be organized

I forget, was there an exception last year to the live component due to covid?

Not that I know of, although as evidenced by this thread I’m not the most CE-organized actuary in the CAS

who’s our resident CE expert here!?

I don’t believe there was. Participating in CAS webinars live would count for the “organized” requirement, without needing to expose one’s self to others’ COVID cooties.

I don’t know what the costs are for to access recorded sessions, but the CAS webinars are US$50/session, if you register far enough in advance.

That translates to $200 to satisfy the general organized CE requirements in the US, or an average of US$500/year to satisfy Canadian requirements for “guided activities”.

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There are the hours I actually record, and what I could finish it up with.

For the organized hours, I usually get that done in the spring.

But for everything else, I’d get that done in well before that… if I bothered recording it. I don’t record everything I do.

I try to do it uniformly over the year, but I tend to put things off for later in the year.

I will be attending SOAImpact for some structured credit and I’ve got a reading list of stuff to fill in some unstructured hours.