What's your favourite summer fruit?

“Full of flavor” is still very watery to my taste buds. It’s like drinking a glass of water from a clean cup vs drinking a glass of water from a cup that previously had juice in it and was dumped out but not rinsed.

I have never been big on melon in general before, and don’t think I’ll ever find watermelon edible, but cantaloupe and honeydew are growing on me more now. I’ve noticed they are extra not terrible now that I’m on semaglutide, for whatever reason.

My favorite summer fruits are probably raspberries, but those are good year round (just better in the summer).

Peaches that are practically falling off the pit are also excellent.

There aren’t many popular fruits I dislike, other than watermelon. Bananas aren’t my favorite, but I will eat them with other fruit or in a baked good.

I enjoy raspberry flavor more than the fruit itself. My go-to ice “cream” at a parlor is raspberry sorbet.


raspberries :+1:


Raspberries and strawberries are awesome.


I know seasons are different in timing between the northern and southern hemispheres. I love mangoes and a fruit that is called wild loquat fruit (mazhanje).

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Local farm had more tomatoes than they could give away. They were big and red and amazing. I made salsa for the first time and it’s not bad. Also Cowboy Caviar and my favorite cucumber tomato salad.

Fresh peaches are incredible.


Actual watermelon and fake watermelon flavor have absolutely nothing to do with each other, so I’m not sure why one would impact your opinion of the other.

Fun fact: I heard somewhere that the fake banana flavor was developed before bananas were common in the US.

Bing cherries. (I’m allergic to melons. :frowning: ) Hip_tiger_wife loves watermelon. We just discovered Yellow Moon & Stars watermelon. She loves it!


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I’m hoping to get some of these in Maui next month! Along with mangoes and jackfruit, maybe not generally considered ‘summer fruit,’ but we don’t really get good options for these in the midwest (shocking), so I think of them as summer fruit since I only get them on summer vacations.

I usually find them at Asian groceries and at Trader Joe’s.
There are two other fruits that have similar taste and texture as lychees: rambutan and longan.

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