What's the proper way to do a three way?

But with Friendly’s which was first? The dessert or the, ah, other meaning? Happy Ending Sundae’s have been around, at least since my parents were kids… I’m less sure about how long the expression has been around.

Regardless, it reminds me of:

Note: I’m not sure which one of those was first either. But in case you’re wondering, a 3-way is spaghetti, chili, cheese. You can also get a 4-way or a 5-way (adding onions and/or beans).

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Also… when TF the Friendly add the ‘s to their name?

Answer: 1989… God, I feel ancient.

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pretty sure the phrase “menage a trois” was first. I doubt it took long for some English speaking country to translate it

Sure, but I mean, growing up in Cincinnati the translation was “threesome”.

A 3-way is spaghetti, chili, cheese. Period.

outside of Nashville, it was tamales, spaghetti, chili

WAY too much cheese on the Cincinnati

Sure, but to be fair, the sign was intended to be a double entendre.


Your words are strange.


When I was in college, on move-in weekend one year they had a huge billboard on one of the two major roads into town that had a picture of a 3-way. The billboard read “It’s called a 3-way and there’s nothing like it.”

The non-Cincinnatians were hooting over the billboard. Two thirds of the Cincinnatians (including me) were scratching our heads and saying “I don’t get it; why is that funny?”

That’s when I learned that outside of Cincinnati the term 3-way has an entirely different meaning, all together.


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Like saying, “WAY too much bacon.”

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As far as I know, the R-rated term was popularized in the short lived TV show Mind of the Married Man around 2001. MOTMM was basically HBO trying to recreate the success of Sex and the City from a male perspective.

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Ok, the dessert goes back to at least the 1950s, so earlier than the TV show. Never heard of the series… any good?

Interestingly, Friendly’s has registered the term “Happy Ending”.

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best with nuts and extra cream


I mean, you’re right. “Threesome” is the much more common term. But, even in the heart of Cincinnati, if a guy’s gf texts him and says “Hey I was talking to my gf. She wants a 3-way” I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean “Let’s go to Skyway.”

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I mean, who hasn’t gone to Jack in the Box and asked for extra Jack sauce?

If they give too much do you ask for the Jack off?

On Entourage, they called it a “rub and tug.” Which probably isn’t going to be confused with a food item.

As an occasional Poker player, I have used the joke “Oh man, you’re just one Jack off” more times than I care to admit.