What's for Lunch?

Pioneer Woman’s Quinoa salad with Mozzarella and Tomatoes.

It finally warmed up, mid 50s. So I walked over to my Thai joint and got some stir fry with jasmine rice. Mmmmmmmm

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Mr Aj is picking up McAlesters after he runs an errand. I am spoiled.

Pasta with sauce and meatballs. :spaghetti:

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Robotics tournament today. They are selling Papa John’s pizza. Granted, it’s not fresh and that’s taking it down a notch. Has Papa John’s gotten worse? I had some like 3-4 years ago and I thought it was passable. This is awful pizza.

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Birria tacos

Chicken sticky rice, followed by a small bowl of pasta with sauce and a meatball!! :yum:

Veggie sandwich, salad, olives, fruit, some chips

Had a NY 3 way


Domino’s pizza. Not bad. I still prefer Pizza Hut but Domino’s is way better than the Papa John’s they had yesterday.

All three are terrible.

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That leftover chicken masala isn’t sitting so well.


Tacos el Mexicano in Topeka. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall but amongst my top five Mexican joints anywhere.


Today: 4 hot dogs from the truck.

1 w/ sauerkraut
1 with cooked onions
2 with chili


Fried rice with chicken & veggies. I made it last night with no added salt. Even Mr aj liked it.

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Chicken sammich on rye.

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