What's for Lunch?

Salad, potstickers with peanut sauce, mashed potatoes.

Housecleaning the fridge.


A salad

Creamy. I tried a couple vinegar versions but luckily I tasted them before pouring all over my veggies. My mayo is Duke’s and I decided it was worth whatever is supposed to be bad about mayo to use that in my coleslaw. I loosely followed a copycat chick fil a recipe for the dressing. The rest was my own creation with red cabbage.


Homemade burrito bowl

Chicken sticky rice and a Halloween Kit Kat bar.

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Left over Ethiopian - some lamb and a collection of veggie dishes from the other night and the last 2 pieces of Injera bread.

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Vegan curry soup with cauliflower, cashew, chick peas.

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Turkey stew with a buttered roll. Perfect for a cold, windy day!!

Beef and cheddar croissant from Portillos with a chocolate peppermint shake


Bagel and half a cherimoya

eating while I cook

Turkey, gravy, stuffing, butternut squash. The cranberry jelly and green beans are gone.

Left over pizza from the local place down the street.

Leftover salmon with leftover stuffing

The last of the butternut squash with corned beef hash (from a can) and egg noodles.

Going off program today for a Wendy’s jr bacon cheeseburger and peppermint frosty.

Mr aj asked me if I wanted fries but I said no. If I find I’m still hungry I’ll eat some fruit or something.

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Potato is a fruit, right?!?!?

Bowl of pho.

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