What's for Lunch?

only thing i need on a hot dog is mustard. sometimes i’ll also put sauerkraut or good relish if I have it. But I don’t have hot dogs often because I don’t usually have access to Sahlen’s (a Buffalo brand) or Zweigle’s (a Rochester brand).

Yeah, it’s odd, but I think hot dogs are one of the foods that varies the most by brand. If I’m eating them at home, I often don’t bother with any condiments. And the only two brands sold locally that are edible without condiments, imo of course, are Hebrew National and Nathans. Vienna is the only local brand of note that I"m aware of, and they’re the standard in a Chicago-style hot dog, but they’re just not as good on their own.

Leftover pork tenderloin, veggies, and mashed potatos.

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Leftover BK bacon, egg, and cheese croissant

omelet, turkey, tomato, mushroom and tomato sauce

Lunch was arepas.

Dinner is bbq’d chicken wings, baked beans, fries.

Dim sum from the Asian/halal grocery store.

leftover Peking Duck

Keeping with the Chinese theme, I had a leftover egg and used it to make fried rice. Mixed in red peppers instead of peas and carrots. Also baked okra.

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unfrozen chicken tikka masala that I home-made

Scrambled eggs with onion, jalapenos, and cheese. A toasted english muffin. Fruit.


Lime tortilla chips, vanilla Greek yogurt, chocolate cake.

Chicken shawarma wrap.