What's cool in smart phones?

I need to know ASAP!

My Galaxy S8 was dropped for the thousandth time and now it is flashing light across it and is unusable, so I need a new one. Is the S21 or whatever cool? I see a lot of mixed reviews and whining about no earphone jack or some such.

I blame my noisy neighbors for this as the reason I was out with my phone for it to drop in the first place.

iPhone 13

That said, wired headphones are cool now. Several articles on this. Including in the WSJ. That’s behind a paywall, so here’s another one:

wait, plugging in wired headphones makes you cool? that’s all i ever did! I never used these airpods whatever they are.

hmmmm, not sure about iphone. i’ve been an android girl for my entire smart phone life. is iphone superior?

I was happy with upgrading from an S8 to an S20FE. It has the expandable memory of the S8, but no headphone jack. The back is plastic (don’t care, I put it in a case anyway), the camera isn’t fancy like the ones they put on the S21, but it does have a wide angle lens which was new over the S8. Once I decided I should get 256gb on a new phone, the S21 seemed too expensive for the features I would use.

The screen is a lot bigger than the S8, which could be good or bad depending on your perspective and how you use it.

You can use wired headphones with a $10 adapter.

I’m fine with my Walkman and bag of cassettes.

Not that this helps ao fan, necessarily . . . but . . .

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What’s the FE for?

A much larger screen is bad if that means that the phone is overall bigger because I have small hands. Are you saying both the S20 and the S21 is a lot bigger than the S8?

if it’s only a matter of a $10 adapter to use a regular wired headphone, I won’t consider that a negative of the phone.

FE is fan edition, it was the cheaper follow-up to the S20 line. Bigger screen and battery but less expensive components. It supposedly has a really high MP selfie cam for those types.

There is not a S21FE. I think chips supplies have been too short for it to happen.

S8 is 5.8", S21 is 6.2", S20 FE is 6.5".

When I bought my S20FE, a new S10, S20, and S21 were all about the same price. I think most would say some specs have improved, and some specs have been scaled back between models. Unless you go all the way to the S21 Ultra.

sounds like the S20FE is more of a phablet? that sounds really big compared to the S8.

I thought I read somewhere that even though the screen is wider on the S21 than the S8, it doesn’t feel wider in your hands for some reason.

Do you listen to headphones while charging your phone? If so, I think you need a double adapter: one for the charger and one for the headphones.

At least that’s the way it is w/ iPhones.

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what’s the difference between the S21 Ultra and just the S21?

i rarely listen to music at all on my phone, but with going to the office more often to avoid my neighbors recently, i might start doing that again. I used to do it a lot back in the pre-pandemic days. I didn’t charge my phone at the same time though. The outlet isn’t close enough to do that.

i’m not entirely against wireless earbuds either. i just never had them.

It might mostly just be taller? The FE definitely feels a lot bigger. I think it is probably at my limit for a phone. I would not recommend you buy it unless you first held it. You probably want to run to the nearest store and hold all of them regardless.

Get Derek Zoolander’s phone

oh taller is fine. wider is bad for fitting in my hands.

Better camera, battery, screen for the Ultra. There is a plus model in between. Maybe a few other upgrades. And more money.

doesn’t “plus model” mean larger screen and not really other features? larger screen is definitely not what i want. I might want the ultra if it isn’t a larger screen than the non-ultra.

The versions are all incrementally larger.

oh looking it up and the “ultra” is both wider and taller than the regular s21. in that case i want the regular s21, no ultra.