What's always in your fridge?

Excluding condiments, what are the things you make a point to always keep some of in your fridge?

Orange juice

There’s usually one other vegetable, but it varies a lot. Often there’s meat, but it comes and goes so isn’t always there.

Milk and eggs seem like the only things we go to the store to buy once they run out.

We also very quickly after running out refill fruits, Pepsi, and chocolate

Milk & Eggs

Nothing else requires a rush out to get, and really only milk as we both use for our coffee

Almost always Diet Coke & Seltzer
Always some veggies, but no single standard

Vlasic pickles
Water bottles

Milk, plain yogurt (we make it from milk, but buy milk when we are more on yogurt) eggs, Parmesan, carrots, hummus, the fat can (for pouring fat into. When the can fills i throw it away and start a new can. And yes, I’ll put an empty can in the fridge so i can find it when i need it.)

“eating cheese” for me, some fresh veg to have for supper.

Jars of duck and goose fat (left over from roasting fowl. Great for popcorn and veggies. I wouldn’t buy more if we ran out, but we never do. A few flavors of jelly. Does sandwich bread in the freezer count?

Fritos jalapeno cheese dip

MJ chewables

this is my anti-list

allergic to beer
Pickles bought from barrels, almost never jars
and we don’t refrigerate Water bottles, both prefer room temp

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Did you ever consider cooking with it?

We drink tap water. We usually have some cans of soda in the basement fridge for guests, but we haven’t had the guests who drink soda since covid.

we drink water from the fridge filtered dispenser.

Bottles are for golf, hiking, road trips

I should have stated the water is that 9+ Ph water

No. Any fat i want to cook with goes in a separate jar for clean fat. I currently have jars of duck, goose, and bacon fat. (And a jar of ghee i purchased.) But the fat skimmed off the soup, or drained from the roast chicken or rack of lamb isn’t worth straining and keeping to use, imo.

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An elephant


All of the above plus maple syrup and it’s not even a meme.

And replace vlasik pickles with my homemade dill pickles.

My teenage son!


Ont he doors are all sorts of condiments. There are a bunch of sauces and stuff.

Other than that:

Gatorade/Body Armor
Almond milk
Various opened broth containers
Greek Yogurt
Jello cups
Sour cream
Ginger beer (for those Mules, baby!)
Charcuertie meats and cheeses
Various cold cuts
Pickles (chips & spears)
Meat for dinner over the next couple days

We keep a constantly stocked fridge. We go to the grocery store at least 4 times a week.

Eggs, apple cider vinegar (I drink it in the morning first thing).

Maybe half and half cream for coffee.

That’s about it.

Creamer and Almond milk (for coffee)
Fresh fruit
Fresh veggies
Diet Coke

I’m never out of eggs, cheese, or diet coke.
I’d run to grocery store if out of fruit & veggies.

Forgot about coke Zero. Considered maple syrup and parmesan condiments but have those too.