What song is stuck in your head?

For the last day it’s been that song on the Ikea robot commercial. It’s called “Keep Moving” by Crosby St Models.

you spin me right round baby right round
like a record baby
right round
round round

I’ve got the brains
You’ve got the brawn
Let’s make lots of money.
Oooooooooo there’s a lot of opportunities…

That dang commercial keeps coming on. Only takes like a 2-second snippet to get lodged in my head.

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Traces - Classics IV (Dennis Yost)

A week ago I had Yankee Doodle in my head for several days and I finally figured out why. I had been reading a Hercule Poirot book and he uses Hastings’ name a lot, which apparently connected in my head to the line in YD with “hasty pudding”.

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What’d I Miss?

Thomas Jefferson’s coming home
Thomas Jefferson’s coming home
Repeat on an infinite loop in my brain… Shut up brain.

Taylor swift Fifteen

La-La Means I Love You - the Delfonics

Smash mouth, you might as well be walking on the sun

See the light where the sky meets the sea, it calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know how far I’ll go

And my kids don’t even like Moana. Can’t remember the last time I heard that song.

A song called Q&A from New Madrid. I’ve heard it twice on my local college radio station and it’s catchy.

New Moon on Monday – Duran Duran

Jesus of Suburbia
Yes, the whole song.

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

Baby Come Back - Player

Jesus, Etc

Chick Magnet – MxPx

I was just listening to this album last week for the first time in too long.

Did you ever see the documentary about the making of the album (titled I am Trying to Break Your Heart)?

Revival by Jamestown Revival

Pittsburgh by The Lemonheads