What % of women in the US dye their hair?

But . . . only the good dye young.


Not what I’d call a riveting post, but I suppose the right cannabis might have you glued to the couch.


I’m guessing women who grow up as blondes are much more likely to dye their hair in their 20s-40s than those who grow up with some darker hair color. They’re trying to maintain their childhood look; blonde hair goes dark pretty early on but brown hair doesn’t go as noticeably darker. Once the 40s come around, with more white and gray hair for most people (yeah!), the dyeing gap probably narrows.

No source to this but it seems likely to me.

Some people go gray much younger than that. Twenties is not unusual and thirties is fairly common. And since grays are more obvious on dark hair than blonde hair, I’m guessing that brunettes might turn to dyeing earlier (and more frequently) than blondes.

I think I was basing my comments mostly on that there is more chatter around dyeing hair in communities with ethnicities that are more likely to have blonde hair (at least in my experience)

I had a friend in high school that was going gray already.

Me too. Dude was probably 5% gray in high school

What were their original hair colors… pre gray. Light brown, black, dark brown, red?

Asian guy with black hair


I worked with a guy who was mostly gray shortly out of college. Caucasian guy with dark brown hair.