What % of women in the US dye their hair?

My wife and I were discussing this recently. In the 40-60 age bracket it seems really high, possibly even 90+%. In the South even the under 40 crowd tend to dye their hair pretty frequently

This article says that 7% of women dyed their hair in 1950, where 75% did in 2015.

What % of US women age 40-65 dye their hair?

  • <70%
  • 70-80%
  • 81-90%
  • 91-95%
  • 95-99%

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75% of women dye their hair, 20% lie about dyeing their hair. 5% don’t dye their hair.
Source: my ass.

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That’s going to be far more a reflection of the “advances” made in dyeing materials.

In the 50’s, if you didn’t do it “just right,” you got very terrible results; so it was generally done by “professionals” . . . which can get pretty costly to do on a regular basis.

By the '90’s, there were so many [safe] OTC products that one could do it well w/o going to a hair salon; although it was better if you had a friend help. In fact, it was so easy, even a [cave]man could do it.

I must hang with all the 25%ers.

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Seems right for the 40-60 crowd. For the 18-35 crowd I’d imagine a decent % don’t dye their hair (yet). A huge majority of the “blonds” do of course.

My wife doesn’t dye her hair either. Our conversation was about how she’s the only one of her peers in the 40+ bracket at her office that doesn’t dye hers.

covid and the imposed shutdowns of some places, like hair salons, brought a lot of women I know to consider letting the gray come through. a few have stuck with that as their regular.

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Of my friends, almost nobody dyes their hair to look “normal”. A good number dye for fun though, either streaks/ombres or full heads of pinks or blues, etc.

It’s obvious some coworkers of the Millennial age do… it’s not my problem but confuses me, paying to dye your hair to just look slightly different. Gen X and Boomers are more prone to it.

Much respect for women who are grey (by old age or prematurely) and rock it. Although I look at them with jealousy - so much easier to dye that.

My personal take is, just give it a try yourself (with a friend or two) and cut it if you fry it. It costs like $20 to bleach and dye your own hair and often $200+ at a salon. I’ve done it many times.

My mom is one of the few women I know who has never dyed her hair. My wife dyes hers every few weeks.

Young people seem to be dying their hair grey on purpose so there’s that.

and 100% of the liars

If I had kept all my clothes from middle school I would be killing it right now. Jordan’s on my feet, boxy jeans, graphic tee shirts. My son is a big thrifter and he is buying old Nascar tee shirts and reselling them for $40-$100 it cracks me up. My grey hair would just top it off

Might work if you’re only dyeing strands or tips. Not so feasible if you’re going all over and “to the roots”.

Not many are going to go full-on G.I. Jane ducking a Will Smith punch as it’ll likely create awkward questions Oh! You have cancer? No?

i don’t dye my hair. it’s partially because my mother said “of course you will dye the gray ao fan.”, so in retaliation watch me go ALL GRAY MOMMY FAN. JUST WATCH ME. then she brings up her friend sally who looked like an old lady since she was in her 20’s and never dyed her hair and like ao fan you don’t want to be like Sally DO YOU???

fuck that. not dying it.

right now i have brown with gray sprinkled all over. if i don’t squint too much or get too close to any mirrors and keep my glasses off it looks all brown.

my sister dyes her hair. conforming bitch.


you can’t really lie about dying your hair. for the most part you can tell when it’s not natural.

psssst, that gray in my hair is not the result of a dye job…

I started dying my hair professionally when I got freaked out by greys. Then I was like, shit costs 70 bucks each time what am I doing. So I started box dying my hair. Then I got lazy and decided that I don’t have enough greys to be doing this.

Maybe when my hair is 25% grey I will start investing more money into it.

Spouse and everyone in their age group died their hair precovid. Many, including my spouse went grey during covid and kept it that way. It’s the only time I have ever offered an opinion on my spouse’s appearance, I didnt like the idea of my spouse looking grandmotherish. True to their character, they went grey anyway (I didn’t push the matter). They went with a pixie cut at the time which I really like, so all in all, a plus.

I only ever died my hair when I was young, had a blonde mohawk. At my age, I just explicitly deny that I have grey if it ever comes up, I don’t care enough to change my appearance. Plus old guys trying to look young can be creepy.im not looking to advertise a midlife crisis.

I threatened to dye my beard once, but that’s because it’s so thin that it doesn’t look full if I keep it trimmed. But again, don’t care. Theres the beard, don’t like it, grow your own.

MY BIL dyed his hair for years, but he let it go to grey during COVID.

The only time I ever dyed the base color of my hair was when I went red. I did however accumulate so many blond highlights that I may as well have dyed it all blond.

COVID allowed me to see what my natural color actually is now - it’s sandy. It was very, very blond as a child, but is much more mousey grey-blond now. I’m not even sure real greys will show.

Oh there are still colors underneath or whatever. Teal, pink and purple on one side.