What is your IQ?

I took the Putnam all four years. I scored in top hundred in the country my junior year. That was my peak academic/professional accomplishment, life has been downhill since.


I think my kids scored 127 and 129 when they were tested and are the genetic blend of an actuary and someone who relates to cringe worthy math memes that are posted on facebook.

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I took the WISC-R as a child and got something like a 140 composite score.

That test had two parts. I don’t recall the formal terms for the parts, but one section involved arranging or comparing blocks and pictures, while the other involved more reasoning and “words”. On the blocks/pictures portion, I scored well below average, and on the words part, I scored extremely high.

While I am mechanically challenged and seem to do better-than-average when it comes to “book smarts”, I think all three scores overstated my deviation from “average”

I think I am totally brilliant. So finding out how un-brilliant I really am would be a big letdown.

Anyone know how you can get those IQ scores from the tests you took in school in the 70s and 80s?

Go subpoena your permanent record?

(I found mine when I was cleaning out my parents’ house after my mother passed. My mother had stuck all my school records in a filing cabinet.)

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I would think all that stuff would have been on paper and destroyed years ago.

But it’s supposed to be a permanent record, one that follows you around and causes you all kinds of trouble if you goof off in school!


no, but i never took an IQ test in school.

I took the Physics GRE and scored in the 10th percentile. That might be why I became an actuary.

I also took the regular GRE. I think there were math, verbal, and logic sections. I would have obviously scored fairly high in math and probably 75th %-ile in verbal but I scored about 99th %-ile in logic.

Those are more logic or “do you know how to…” tests vs actual intelligence though.

Did you ever take the ASVAB? Is that even the name? There was a section on how engines work (how would I know) and a section with black & white dots you had to count. It was … different.

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My mother always told me I was smart. She didn’t have me tested.

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I see your IQ score and raise you work ethic and study techniques.


I’m so bright, my parents call me ‘Sonny’.


I fold


IQ test has racial bias the same way the NFL has racial bias

that is pretty cool they shared the results with you

I had to take the wonderlic when I interviewed at Abercombie and Fitch HQ in New Albany, Ohio

When they called and told me I didn’t get the job I asked for my wonderlic scores, they refused to share the results with me. RUDE!

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TIL. I don’t follow sports at all so no surprise I’ve never heard of this until now.

Does it? I wasn’t sure if he was being facetious because the NFL seems to have plenty of white and black people (unless he’s referring to few Asian players…? Not sure how proportionate Hispanic NFL players are…)

Actually, there was some apparently rule that scores were not to be shared with those subjected to testing. I remember someone at school telling us “we don’t want you to brag or be depressed or turn it into a competition”, and my mother was similarly inclined.

While parents/school/pshrink let slip the general outcome, and my grandpa did start calling me “Einstein” after I was tested, I never saw the actual numbers until I started clearing out my parents’ house.

Somewhere around 75 or 80, I suppose.

But that was before I started staying at the Holiday Inn Express on a regular basis.


My best friend from back home worked at a temp agency for about 18 months. They were asked to place workers at a local factory; the factory asked the temp agency to give applicants a Wonderlic test and send over anyone who scored at least a 10. He said for every one that achieved a 10 and went over, there were probably 3 dozen who didn’t hit that score.

Same temp agency, worked with an auto parts manufacturer. Their minimum was 18. He said he might have sent 3 people over in 18 months.