What is your IQ?

Last time I did an online test, it was 138.

not sure, but my upstairs neighbor’s kid’s IQ is apparently 140 as she likes to tell me how brilliant she is every chance she gets.

i’d rather not know how dumb i am, so not checking.

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probably slightly over 100

also you’re making me anxious, I don’t want to lose my title as #1 thread creator, it’s all I got going for me right now


You’ve got 25 croissants. I’d say that’s something going for you!


I’m probably in the top 95% of all people.

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How would one even go about taking an official IQ test? I feel like most of the online ones out there are not great indicators or charge you $$ and still probably aren’t great.

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i am definitely smarter than average. So at least 101.

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Somewhere between 50 and 200

Every kid in my school district had theirs tested to determine if we were eligible to enroll in the gifted program. I was always in the 125-130 IQ bucket. No surprises really since my sisters’ IQs were around 130+

They stopped administering the IQ test in my old district and now just place kids in the gifted program based on teacher recommendations

My school district tested those who did well on the standardized tests, I think? They tested some but not all and I think that was how they figured out who to test.

My number was somewhere between 100 and eight million. I’m not sure any IQ test is super reliable.

I was skeptical of standardized testing until I took the IQ test three times and got in the same score bucket all 3 times

and took the SAT 3 times I got the exact same score the first two times (same overall score, slightly different subsection break down but not by much) before I borrowed some SAT prep books from the library and scorched the bitch on my third try

I always believed I was smarter than the average bear, then I found out how smart bears actually are.


Interesting, maybe IQ tests (especially those administered by someone competent) are at least consistent. There is racial bias, right? So not perfect but consistent.

I took the ACT once a year in HS, I think YOY I went +4, +2, +1 on my composite score. I think.

I took the GRE once and got a perfect score on the quantitative section. On the verbal section I think I was around the 65th or 70th percentile, which exceeded my wildest expectations, lol.

I took an IQ test in the 4th grade to get me into a gifted program, but sharing actual IQ numbers seems a little weird to me. But maybe that’s some taboo BS like you’re not supposed to talk about how much money you make… but who does not talking about salary benefit? Certainly not us, the workers. So it’s been common for folks to talk more about salary in the last several years. So who knows, maybe things will change and talking about IQ won’t be so weird…

I have no idea what my IQ is but I’m terrible at those MENSA puzzles so I assume it’s not genius level.

Oh, anyone else take the Putnam exam? That was a humbling experience. I didn’t get a zero but iirc my score was single digits. I think I answered a question and a third, roughly.

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I took the Wonderlic once. I think I scored a 37. It was a standard thing at one company. No idea why, but everyone who came in for an interview had to take it.

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I think I got a solid score on the Myers Briggs test