What is your go-to snack at work

I wonder if the GoA is different from the SOA poll I just saw

  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Junk food
  • Cheese/Nuts
  • I avoid snacks
  • 42 sips of water

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Nuts or dried fruit+nut mix. I also like granola bars

Both are easy to store and help take the edge off hunger if needed.


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True answer is various granola type bars, but for purposes of this poll I allocated that to junk food. I have no illusions that my Kind bars are all too different from a Snickers bar.

whatever’s in my fridge

Where’s the option for donuts?

Looks more like a “I know what the right answer should be” type responses.

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Time for an ABCD complaint on those that answered that SOA poll? :wink:

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Yeah, my bs flag went straight up when I saw that

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FYI there are now Kind frozen bars. They are good.

is donut culture still a thing? or have people realized it’s unhealthy and you’re killing your coworkers

People have always known that. Doesn’t matter - had donut.

I think at one point my ex-office switched to bringing bagels

Nuts, specifically the do variety…

JK, I like almonds and pecans.

Been recently getting the hot and spicy chips - and dipping in the fritos cheese with a little red-hot added .

Hookers and cocaine


I definitely know offices that have the latter.

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How else is one supposed to climb the corporate ladder

Lotto winning!