What is your go-to snack at work

What offices have the former? Hookers!
@John.S.Mill - your post came after @JailShower 's so I thought, ya know…

It was a little before my time, but in the office I worked in someone hired an “entertainer” for the department head’s birthday. She was dressed as a cop and was pretending to arrest the guy. She then started a strip tease, with everyone still laughing. When she started taking everything off, the ladies and half the men started running out of there.

Yes, some moron hired a stripper for an office party. I don’t believe there was any punishment, where now of course heads would roll.

Someone used to bring bagels into the office years ago when I was trying to track what I eat. That’s when I realized how unhealthy bagels are.


The bagel may not be good for your 8 pack but maybe it’ll help heal that nasty wound on your face I dunno

Not that bagels are particularly healthy (they’re not), but this sentence from that link is WTF for me: “just a few bagels can already take you well beyond your daily intake recommendations for sodium”.

Who in the hell eats a few bagels in a sitting?

:flushed: In my hey day I was known to eat 2-3 bagels at a time. Especially if there was good cream cheese.

That’s when they were free office bagels though. I wouldn’t pay for more than one bagel.

Should be a glass of ice cold, high quality, H20