What is your favorite gerrymandered district?

I think mine is Maryland’s 3rd district:

There is a piece that you would have to swim across the Chesapeake Bay to get to if you wanted to be able to traverse the entire district and stay within its boundaries the entire time.

Ohio 4, home to Jim Jordan, is interesting


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I see a toilet

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Wow. It’s drawn to avoid any place of the remotest note, except for Lima. My big brush with corporate bigshotdom years ago was to fly in the corporate Learjet from Cleveland to Lima. I was definitely in over my head and just kept my head down to make sure I got a ride back.

I-85 in North Carolina… (aka the 12th district) – after 2017, though, it has been a compact district.

boundaries 2013-2017

boundaries 2003-2013

More on this district:

Looking at the current NC map, congrats to them for getting back to compact districting, which hadn’t been seen for 30 years:

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In honor of the OP, (Daggett), I’ll point to seat 35 of Texas (Doggett, D). The other 4 slices of Austin and the rest of San Antonio are Republican.


North Carolina had been famous for gerrymandering; they were possibly the most gerrymandered state. Things have really changed since the last time the map was drawn.

Texas is horrific with that in the major cities

Well my least favorite is the one I live in, but it’s my state senate district, not a Congressional district.

they cleaned up PA in 2018, but PA 6 used to be a good one. The urban areas of 3 counties were all grouped into 1 district.


The Maryland Preying Mantis District

This is the exact district and map that was mentioned in the OP.


Yeah just having fun posting some of the more egrigeous immages

That Louisiana one almost outlines the state boundary, that is really crazy.

I think a big portion of these are obsolete now, but Earmuffs definitely is still there.

I am laying an early claim on the new TX-38

No idea where it will be, but I have faith that it will be ridiculous.

The LA one is for all the river people.