What did you do this weekend?

Friday night: Oak Ridge Boys concert
Saturday morning: Put floor on new duck blind
Saturday night: Met grandma for dinner and ice cream
Sunday morning: Worked on fence in backyard
Sunday afternoon: Charles Schulz exhibit at local art venue
Sunday night: Fireworks at local town
Monday morning: Mowed down at the farm
Monday night: Relaxed

Ompapa ompapa ompapa mow mow lol.

Friday I canned pears with students…Saturday I went hunting with students. Sunday I went fishing with students. Monday I apologized to my spouse and did all the things they wanted done like clean the microwave and detail their car.

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golfed with neighbors sunday. then went to a lake house for the rest of the day w kids and little nephews. state fair on Monday 8am-130 before it got crazy hot. saturday was super chill.

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Friday - Took in Sir Paul’s photography exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery to relive the 1963/64 Beatles phenomenon. Dinner at daughter’s new London flat.

Saturday - Lovely lunch at historic Dove pub before doing river walk to Craven Cottage stadium for Premier League football match with my SIL and his dad.

Sunday - Massive birthday party for our one year old granddaughter and her one year old English cousin. Much good food and drink and the company of twenty-some of my daughter’s English in-laws. Decibel level higher than at the football match.

Monday- On the train this morning to visit friends in Dorset.

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Drove home from Richmond on Saturday (Came home from St Kitts)
Lots of laundry
Lawn and garden stuff
Dried out some more hops from my garden
Picked up gift cards from random places for my clubs disc golf tournament on Sept 23rd
Had sex with Sarah x2
Ran Sat (4) and Sun (3)
Watched Packers lose to the Falcons


Saturday: took the dog on a long walk. Went to a soccer match.
Sunday: tailgated. I made brats. Watched the Falcons beat the Packers. Watched more football in the evening.

Saturday studied.
Sunday studied.


Saturday - soccer game for two of the kids, visitation, lots of tv bingeing

Sunday - slept in, finished quilting a donation quilt (need to bind it still, had to order fabric online, so no pics yet), dusted off the old dvd player and watched King of Queens (swoon) while sewing for a couple hours

saturday - read a book, visited the Asian market with a couple of kids, had a date where we played a second round of the game “Gay Skeletons”

sunday - great trail run in the morning, went to Costco, read a book, had a call with a couple of friends, dinner with the kids, played a game of Magic: the Gathering, fell asleep early (before 11 pm!)

you are yada yada yada-ing the most important parts

Yeah…tell me more about the hops from your garden. :popcorn:


Oh, he mentioned the Packers losing.


Didn’t get a big production this year. 8 vines. 3 vines produced these three bags. Each are about 2 oz