What bumper stickers you got?

“We ate your stick family”


I have a softball magnet on one side and dancing Rasta bear on the back window. Helps to find the car in the parking lot.

Kind of like that multi-color cloth you tie to your luggage when flying?

We have that too!

The two I like are similar and yet very different. Spoiler for the first because NSFW.

If you’re going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair.

Do you follow Jesus this close?

I don’t have any bumper stickers or window decals on my Leaf. I had one of these rear wiper things :link: on my Prius, and my spouse had this one on their minivan. :link:

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And my wife had the golfball that looks like it is imbedded in the car window

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Got 2 little window decals from a local brewery and a distillery, just a logo so nothing obtrusive.

Our area has an outsized share of “Fuck gun control” or “Try to take my guns” bumper stickers. One inventive one was “fuck gun control” constructed by the shape of various guns. Lots of Trump 2020s as well of course.

My partner and I make a game of trying to find the worst local bumper stickers… trail the person to a red light/stop sign, snap a pic, bail in a different direction, send to the other later.

I’ve no desire to use “please project your inadequacy by keying my car” style bumper stickers, even though I support LGBTQ rights, for example.

I like the play I’ve seen on the “2 parents, 3 children, 2 dogs” stick figures that is “2 adults, several stacks of cash”.

“Car of Driving +5” Not currently on my car but sitting on my desk. Otherwise it is Star Wars stuff. My spouse put a ton of decals on their new vehicle, mostly inspirational and corgi related.

I don’t do anything remotely political on my vehicles. Back when my youngest was a baby I took leave and I was primarily driving my spouse’s vehicle for a variety of reasons. There was some contentious political stuff going on in our state at the time and they had a flyer in the window supporting one side. I was amazed at how many people would honk or wave or get my attention at a stoplight to either give me a thumbs up or a middle finger. I got stopped in a parking lot once while this guy talked at me for like ten minutes. I should have walked away but Midwest nice, you know.

None for my vehicle, but I have seen a few of this around town:

Spoilerd because of F-word.


Ah yes, the opposite of the “I <3 Cancer” stickers.

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I saw this bumper sticker today in the wild and it made me smile.

No bumper stickers. I did have three window badges from the three universities that I, my son, and my daughter attended but they got turfed when I had a new windwhield installed.

I’ve been tempted to put a lgbtq hunting sticker on my truck, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.