What bumper stickers you got?

What statement do you make to the vehicle driving behind you?

I don’t have any. Also list any you like or hate.

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I have a license plate border that shows the university I went to and I have a magnet for one of my kid’s school

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I don’t care for bumper stickers on my vehicles. I don’t need to give people another reason to hate me…nor identify my vehicle to report me to the state patrol.

Back in the day when my daughters were learning how to drive stick shift I had a magnetic one that said “Learning to drive stick shift. Please stay the heck away!”

Learning to drive stick shift Car Magnet 10 x 3 | CafePress

It worked the first time we used it…at 5:30 in the morning…there was only one other driver with us on the road & you could tell that he understood the message.

In other instances, I could tell that the drivers behind us had no clue why one would need to give a beginner stick shift driver a little extra space.

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Had some when kids were in college (window)
Had a magnet advertising my Temple

Favorite, back when “I Brake For Animals” were popular, with a “meme” of multiple spinoffs

I liked “I brake for no apparent reason”

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I don’t have this but was amused:


i see a lot of “student driver” stickers, but i suspect they are not student drivers. Is this some weird trend?

I thought a lot of them are for Student Drivers, but the car owner doesn’t remove them when someone else drove

Kind of why Baby On Board became useless

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ah could be

None. Why would I ruin my luxury car with a sticker

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On my windshield, uwaterloo, Laurier university, and Sarah Lawrence college. That’s it.
I’ve considered adding a small pride flag to the back window, but that would be mostly for passive aggressive purposes.

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I do not ruin my car’s paint finish or plastic bumper finish with bumper stickers.
I take the dealer plate frame off as soon as I can. They’re not paying me to advertise for them.
I have a number of stickers that I might put on windows (easier to take off). But it takes a real, emotional commitment to that company (local brewery) or organization (volunteer sports) or school (kids’ high schools or colleges).

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the my kid got on the honor roll is pretty obnoxious as is the my kid beat up your honor roll kid


How does one differentiate a Pride flag from support for pandemic 1st responders?

I do have a sticker thingy on my windshield that my condo garage door detects to open automatically without a remote control.

I considered getting a 0.0 one…


…because it’s true…and I used to bike a lot more.

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Same, and I also remove any decals that the dealer put there. For the same reason. The decals are a little more work to remove.

I don’t have any bumper stickers but as my car gets older I’m considering some. Just to give it some character.

I also take the dealer plates off after I get a car. However, one time I made an exception when the service manager of a dealer other than the one I bought my car from offered to knock 10% off my service if I’d let them put their dealer plate on (and 10% whenever I came back there for service). Left it on for maybe a year or so until the car was out of warranty, then took it off.

My general policy is to use a dealer for service while under original manufacturer warranty, then independent mechanic when the car is no longer under warranty.

I also don’t use bumper stickers. I have a license plate frame for a soccer club on there now.

I have one that lets me fly through the toll stations rather than stopping to pay cash. It’s right below my rear view mirror and I don’t even notice it anymore.

always liked the “who saved who” from the humane society

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My independent guy has all the training needed, so no need for that stuff. Also, very old car that needed no warranty service (cuz Toyota), so no thank you.

I notice that SoCal dealers do not add magnets or other stick-on-paint advertising onto the cars they sell. Seems much more common in other states (and NoCal NeckCal).