What awesome Chinese food are you eating today?

Hotpot is on the menu

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Prime rib,glazed carrots. Turkey tomorrow.

My favourite hotpot place didn’t make it through covid.

Grilling steak for dinner.

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Got Chinese food last night, leftovers today. It was not our favorite place, just a regular takeout place, but it tasted good.

Having dinner at In laws, Chinese for traditional Sunday

I just pulled the steaks from the refrigerator and am getting them to room temperature. I think I’ll cook them over an open fire of wood rather than on the grill this year.

Pretty sure my Sichuan place is open today, so perhaps some boiled beef for dinner.

We don’t have a hot pot place nearby, I’m jelly of that.

Had Chinese Thursday. Today it’s roast goose.


Thursday was dinner at Bob Chinns, so maybe that counts as slightly Chinese. Yesterday was arroz con pollo y chorizo. Today is a beef roast.

Probably some Asian fusion later, not sure what dish yet

Waterloo has a student corridor that house probably 50-75k students all in a few city blocks. Theres dozens and dozens of restaurants that cater to them, including a huge intl crowd. There’s every sort of cheap but authentic restaurant you can think of. Korean, Thai, Indian, even something called bao. I like trying different stuff so it’s a real luxury to have that area locally.

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What’s “hotpot”? Is that a brand…or a cuisine…or help out a guy who grew up in a town of <1400.

Had a big breakfast brunch at my house: farm fresh eggs, bacon, biscuits, cheese grits, fruit…

Going to have a light dinner at the inlaws (cheese, charcuterie, crackers).

I live a mile from the University of Kansas, I think about 35k students. While we don’t have hot pot, I totally agree that it’s a luxury to live in a diverse college town. We have a lot of interesting food options and, in non-Covid times at least, a great music scene.

I’m not exactly an expert. It’s normally Chinese, though I have seen hot pots at Japanese places.

So you have a big pot in the middle of the table with hot broth. Maybe with a ton of peppers if it is a Sichuan joint. They bring you plates of meat, seafood, mushrooms, veggies, etc, and you cook them in the broth.

If you’ve been to a Korean BBQ, it’s kind of like that, but instead of a grill it’s cooking in liquid.


Looks like Indian restaurants are also open around here. Might pick up that for dinner tonight.


I dunno what hotpot is. I point at the pictures. No idea what I’m eating. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s a bit outside my comfort palate lol.


I will try almost anything once. I’ve been pleasantly surprised quite a lot.

But I’m not sure I want to try pig intestines twice.

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Ordered enough Indian food for a small army. Saag paneer, chicken makhani, lamb biryani, two garlic naans, and two plain naans. Would have also gotten the paneer pakora but they were out.