What are you reading?

I read this book. I found Vera very annoying.

Well, yeah, she is annoying, but I get what you mean. Yeah, if you don’t like/accept the “traditional Chinese mother” stereotype, you definitely won’t like the book.

Next genre up - Biographies and Autobiographies/Memoirs

The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

Currently reading “Table for Two” by Amor Towles. It has six short stories and one novella.

I finally finished the Saki collection.

I have the most recent Thursday Murder Club book and will probably start that next.

I love the Thursday Murder Club book series. There will be a movie based on the books with Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan, and Sir Ben Kingsley. Unfortunately, it will be on Netflix which we don’t have. Supposed to come out next year.

Just finished the Gilbert Martin book on WWI

highly recommend

Read and enjoyed many of her short stories.

Can you suggest a book or two?

She was primarily a writer of short stories. I would agree with the stories mentioned in The Guardian article (link below).

The Bear Came Over the Mountain was made into a movie, Away From Her, starring Julie Christie. I have been in love with Julie Christie since Dr. Zhivago so I loved the movie version as disturbing as it is.

Most of Alice Munro’s characters and stories are set in Ontario where I grew up so there is that connection for me.

City in Ruins - Don Winslow : Interesting Vegas/Mob novel

Slowly working my way through a Poe anthology.

this one by any chance?

No, something called Edgar Allen Poe: 10 Creepiest Stories on my Kindle. I wanted to read The Fall of the House of Usher after watching it on Netflix and this was the cheapest I could find without leaving my chair or anything to hard, maybe $0.99.

Poe is in the public domain. If you want specific story you can google Fall of House of Usher PDF free and get multiple hits.

Thanks for that but I guess $0.99 was pretty close to free.

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Yeah it’s not a big deal, but you can find most “old stuff” that’s in the public domain with free PDFs if you don’t mind downloading the files.

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How did you find it? Would you recommend it? I’ve been reading a bunch of contemporary stories based on the classics lately, and it sounds interesting

I’ve downloaded sooooooo many Project Gutenberg documents to my Kindle.

I enjoyed it, though I’ve never read any other retellings of classics so I don’t have much to compare this one too. I read it for my bookclub and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I would recommend it.