Weird things you do to make you think you’re unique

After I open a bag of chips I’ll cut the bag almost in half. Cause why do I want a half empty bag of chips and this big flappy thing of bag taking up precious space. Know what I mean?

Here’s another one. When I go #1 at a urinal, my right foot is planted flat but my left foot is on their toes. Cause, I don’t know. That’s just how I go #1 at a urinal. Kinda weird and unique amoright?

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Weaselette does this. I’m meh about it.

Probably should identify which post you are responding to.


Nah it’s funnier that way.



@meep With all due respect I am #1 wondering why that much Worcestershire sauce is needed and #2 concerned at using French’s.

I’m down for more recipes using it, send them here. Also interested in whether you think French’s is superior. Have never used that brand but used store-brand in early pandemic with shortages, did not find it as good (and I’m a store brand bitch in most cases).

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Tried French’s once. It’s no substitute for L&P.

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I don’t do that immediately after opening a bag…perhaps when it gets to be less then half-full…so, after you take one or two chips out.

Sometimes, instead of cutting the top clear off, I’ll instead make a big U-cut on just the front side. Then I can lay the thing down on my desk & let the chips fall where they may.


I like to make my own sand. It’s kinda my thing.

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I’m attractive and make good money, and humble


Okay, here’s a real one.
I make my bed everyday in the morning. Because I saw a military guy say the reason they do that in the military is because it’s such a minor move with such a huge impact (every time you walk by your room you’ll feel great). And even if you feel like shit that day, you will have felt you’ve accomplished at least something. And if you could accomplish at least that for the day, who knows what else you could accomplish?

And it worked. I went from never making my bed to now making my bed for almost 6 months now.


I’m not sure, but I bet hubby has a long list of weird things I do. To me they are perfectly normal. :woman_shrugging:

you go on crazy long road trips

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I am a special flower


my dad used to do that. i do that too. sorry, friend, you’re not that special.

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That’s true. I do do that.

I don’t think I do anything to make me think I’m unique, because I don’t think I’m unique. (Probably because I was not brought up that way.)
Even my best ideas that I post here were thought up years ago, BY THE FRENCH, EVEN!
The positive I get from this is when I decide to do something like, say, “boycott” a company or buy gas less frequently, I know that millions of others are thinking the same thing at the same time.

It’s called “macroeconomics,” I think.
(NOTE: due to the uniqueness of some who don’t get jokes: That was a joke.)

I think you’re unique!

I miss Frenchie. I hope she’s doing well.

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