Wedding I didn'ts

A different wedding story

Family wedding in NO. Very little family from our side. My brother and wife were also in. We are 1st cousins with Mother of Groom. Vaccine mandatory for attendance.

My wife and I are COVID cautious but trying to get out of comfort zone. Have grand kids too young to vaccinate and a 97 yo father I am visiting next week. Wife’s father has cancer issues and pretty much same risk on my brother’s side. So we still try to not push it, but want to open up our lives. Still mask up most public places. My brother is like us. My SiL is much more cautious, masking up where most people don’t.

The night before the wedding there was a happy hour at a bar. Partially open air. Hung with my cousins and cousin’s husband’s family who we met at prior functions.

An hour or so before the wedding get a text from my cousin, that Husband’s Sister had scratchy throat, self tested and was positive. As well as her daughter. The husband and other daughter tested negative. These were who we were hanging with.

So, now what. After some debate we decided to attend, my SiL very reluctantly. We figured either we got it or didn’t. Either way there was little chance of getting infected if not already and if infected we were no more likely to spread it than 100 other people.

SiL did end up going back to hotel early. I even dreaded having to call the cabbies I used, especially the one who took me home, as it is a regular thing.

We did test as soon as getting home - three days after being with the infected people and wife an I were negative. I will test again before visiting my dad

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NO = New Orleans??
North Overbrook, where the monorail was?? (Oops, that would be “Haverbrook,” but still asking, for a friend.)

scary :bighug: :fingers crossed:

We are invited to a family wedding in CO in July. Barring any significant change in COVID situation, I expect I will go. Not sure about my wife or daughters.

Smart to test again. I hope you both stay negative. As you may know, hubby & I both tested negative after exposure and before testing positive.

IIRC, my negative test was 2 days after exposure & hubby’s was 2.5 days after.

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Best wishes. It sounds like even if you were exposed, you wouldn’t have been infectious, yet, at the wedding. So yeah, why not go?

Do you usually wear a mask when you visit your dad? I would this time, even if you test negative. Wear clean clothes, wash your hands, mask up, and visit him.

Due to multiple circumstances I have not been to see him in two years.


I thought this was going to be a thread about people who you knew were getting married and then backed out at the last minute.

Or people who got married and the entire time you thought one of you is making an incredible mistake.

Or weddings where you saw who was getting married, knew it was going to end in a spectacular disaster, and decided nope, I’m not going, don’t want to be known as someone who attended that shitstorm.

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Same. Am disappointed it’s just another covid tale.

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Got a text from my sister who’s getting married this summer. She wants me to make my (famous) french fries as a late night thing at her wedding. Sigh. i’d planned on being deep into the beer by 11pm that night so there goes that master plan. Plus, goodness knows how many people are coming. 100? 150? Not sure I have the facility to cook for that many. Plus it’ll be easily a full day’s prep work to get the fries ready for the final cook.
I said yes of course, but man…

I guess it’s the least I could do. Her new ‘step son’ or whatever they call it is a pretty famous indigenous chef and he’s doing the cooking for the wedding. My mouth is watering already.

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I’ve played (music) for a lot of weddings in my life. I know at least one of them has ended in divorce. So far, I know of none of them that have ended in death.

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Give it time.


What kind of test? My son was mostly testing negative on the rapid tests and got a big fat positive during the same time on the PCR test when he had COVID.

I’ve stopped looking at rapid tests as a means to rule out COVID, only a means to confirm it. Our kids have been testing negative while they have colds but we still kept them home from school until we could make sure with PCR. We might be overly cautious there…just feel burned by our experiences and are overcorrecting.

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At home self test. Everyone else who interacted with the infected people with us, also tested negative. Also, wife and I completely asymptomatic.

Before going to my dad will go for a City MD rapid.

Problem with PCR, is you have 3-4 days of exposure before the result. and timing it out and hopefully getting a response, timely

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yeah, i think the rapid tests might test positive on a delay. my mother had symptoms and was negative on rapid tests until the symptoms got worse, and then finally got a positive result.

If you test positive on a rapid test you probably have covid.
If you test negative on a rapid test, you might have covid, but you probably have a low enough viral load in your nose that you aren’t contagious right now.


Any time we’ve been exposed, we considered 2 negative rapid tests with the second 2 days after the first and being asymptomatic enough to emerge from the house again. Until then, full quarantine. Even from each other inside the house if somebody had, say, a standard cold that we weren’t sure about.

No idea if all rapid tests are the same quality but my understanding is it’s <5% chance of 2 false negatives.

Spoke to my sister last night. Confirmed, about 100 people I’m cooking for. Also, I’m doing a speech and a bit of MC stuff. Because of course I am. Weddings and funerals, any family functions everyone always looks to me for the public speaking. I gotta start getting my son taking over the speaking stuff.

100 orders of french fries sounds challenging. Isn’t that the sort of thing that’s best in small batches?

100 people - I would think closer to 60 orders

Would consider par-cooking them all first, then crisping them to order

Keeping the oil hot will be a bear, but if two fryers could probably do 3-4 orders in one while the other reheats