Webinar (free) on Thursday September 21 - Excess Mortality, A Peek Under the Iceberg

A per my blog post this morning:

Did you miss our live session in August? We invite you to attend virtually this Thursday, September 21, 2023 at Noon ET.

Excess Mortality: A Peek Under the Iceberg

Everyone is attentively watching the current excess mortality and morbidity crisis unfolding. We think it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Discover the iceberg of health problems underlying the elevated death and disability we see playing out in the bottom line. Find out more about creative non-controversial solutions the insurance industry can take to proactively address persisting excess mortality.

This session is free to attend.

It is sponsored by the Insurance Collaboration to Save Lives, a Texas non-profit formed by insurance executives to assist life insurers in addressing the current mortality issues faced in America and around the world. Our vision is for the life insurance industry to band together and save a million lives. We think it’s possible. It’s profitable. And it’s the right thing to do.

We believe this presentation falls into the Organized Activity category for Continuing Education purposes for U.S. actuaries.

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I will be one of the presenters, presenting some of the U.S. mortality results, such as:

as well as this:

Come one, come all! It’s free!


Title of this post says Sept 19, should it say Sept 21?

Argh, yes. I was editing slides and spreadsheets all day – thanks!


Hope to see some of y’all at noon today!

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“Peek under the Peak” was right in front of you.

  1. I did not name the presentation.

  2. No.

I enjoyed the presentation, but wasn’t able to stick around for the q&a.

Upon re-perusing the slide deck, one item that stood out to me (slide 27) was the net savings were calculated against a $200k term policy. First, what was the term - 5, 10, 20 years? Was any analysis done on a whole life policy and other denominations of face amount?


We really only did a very rough cost/benefit analysis and not a whole income statement/balance sheet projection for different products…

…but if there are other people who would like to volunteer to help… [I’m mainly focusing on my mortality stuff]

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Btw, I went and bought a Costco sized bottle of multivitamins last night. It should last a year. We’ll see if it improves my mortality or if I’m just pissing away $25.

Is Franklin intended to be misspelt on the business card, or am I missing something…?


An updated version was today (sorry, it was kind of on short notice – I updated the slides… yesterday)

But don’t worry, we recorded it!

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I did a twitter thread:

And here are the slides

2023-12-4 All Hands on Deck - The Catastrophe of Longevity and What Insurers Can Do v2.pdf (2.4 MB)

Finally got around to watching this. Interesting stuff. Sure do wish the founder would quit boosting covid loons Pierre Kory and John Campbell though. That really does nothing to help their cause.