Weather stuff

I’ve witnessed 2-3 significant hailstorms as far as I can remember, quite surreal when it happens in the northeast

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And now it is reported that the current drought is the worst in at least 1200 years.

Last night: first time I can ever recall being in a snow squall warning. [I leave it to the rest of you to search on teh interwebs to understand what it is.]

Verdict: disappointed. I expected more, though it was dark so I didn’t see much.

For turning on our A/C for the first time this year on Friday.

This came up with @Ted_Hoffman’s post showing then @dr_t_non-fan. I was really confused with Ted’s post and was about to go out to search where he might be that he was getting a snow squall warning in July. :slight_smile:

CA should pay a nice-weather tax…

Well, we are closing our windows at around 8AM during this “nice” weather.

I mean all that time you didn’t need the AC in June/July!!

Eh, August-October says “hold my beer.”


The town I live in had a moderate risk of a damaging storm from Lee (that didn’t materialize). I walked down to the beach, and was perhaps overly interested in the fact that the town had built a sand berm to protect the beach house from potential storm surf.


Bump, cuz it looks like it’s gonna be shitty everywhere.\

Well, we are getting some warnings about severe wind here. That could be scary. Not getting above 60 all week!

Anywho, for everyone not in SoCal, stay safe, don’t go out unless you have to.

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I shoveled about an inch on Friday.

Today I shoveled 6 or more inches though it had stopped snowing by the time I got up this morning. It’s supposed to be dry Monday but there are storms coming in every day for a week.

Yeah it’s going to be chilly and windy here. Maybe even a sprinkle of rain. Fingers crossed for snow in Mammoth tho. Going in a couple weeks.

Luckily we have a bunch of snow on the ground. Other places that don’t have much snow are getting much colder than us (some placed below 0F.