Weather stuff

Just got hailed upon.

That is all.


the gang’s all here

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And some thunder! thunder-thunder!
Didn’t see any lightning bolts, though.

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And it’s not even Smarch yet!!! :angry:


We had a quick shower here too. Super windy all day up to then

Getting hailed on sucks. And hurts. Was out on a run once and the sky went green. It was a rough last mile at highest sustainable speed. And the pellets hurt.

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So . . . not very, very frightening, then?


I ran through hail to a car in flip flops once. One hit my foot and broke the skin. Hail sucks indeed.

It was 69° today (obligatory: nice). In northeast Kansas, in the middle of February.

Rode with Mrs. Hoffman to the oldest son’s college open house yesterday. Lots of fields that have no snow. We should have ~12 inches of snow down, if not more. Snowmobile trails should still be open; I think they’ve only been open a couple weeks this year, if that.

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We have weather here today. And most days.

Scratch that. We have weather every day here.



We have the best weather

Although it’s a tad nippy today…

weather people yesterday were saying we’ve had only 1 day of 4+ inches of snowfall. (season typical is 3-4)

but we’ve had 25 days with measurable snow, and that is typical.

we still have 6-8 weeks of snow threat where i live.

And what underground animal do you place your weather faith in, in them thar parts?

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Weather is fun

We have golf weather today. We only don’t have golf weather on 60-70 days a year. I would like to go reduce that even further so keep guzzling gasoline everyone.

He ded.

the one that knows better than to emerge from the den on feb 2 this far north

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If it’s hailing the size of golfballs, would you consider that golf weather?

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