We back to shaking hands again?

Had some customer service today from a friendly person, when I completed my purchase I thanked them and shook their hand. Afterwards I thought, huh, I thought we stopped doing that over covid.
What say you? You shaking hands again?

(*) Yeah, I greased up with sanitizer when I got back in my vehicle, but I do that after every store I visit anyway.
the other weird thing was that I was in an apple store. Me. Buying apple products. Never thought I’d see the day.

I’m back to shaking hands. n=n+1

Also, we had a ‘high fives’ Slack channel at work that was renamed to ‘elbow bumps’ during Covid. Last month we switched it back to high fives. So.

Did an in-person demo on Wednesday and like 5 dudes came over to shake my hand. Seems like we’re back to doing people’y things now.

Kinda gross imo. If im forced. Id rather not

I did enjoy the old handshake but am also quite partial to fistbumps.

Pretty sure I was back to shaking hands 2 years ago or so.

edit: Probably closer to 18 months ago, not 2 years.


I shake hands unless I’m feeling slightly under the weather… or suspect the other person might be.


Mostly this. Where I’m from it barely stopped.

We’re definitely shaking hands where I am, and feeling good about it. And it’s a deliberate, look’em in the eye and give him a good firm handshake, rather than a perfunctory motion. The kind of thing you were told when you were taught to shake another person’s hand.

thread needs a poll


Another vote for shaking hands being back to normal

At my company, we seem to be back to shaking hands somewhat recently, but it’s become normal to decline them (I often do, for various reasons). I was recently at an SOA conference and everyone was hand shaking there.

I have never been a fan of hand shaking (or eye contact), so I wouldn’t have minded if they never made a come back.

I’m back to shaking hands, and I’m still wearing a mask. I smile broadly, so you can see it above my mask, look them in the eye, and shake firmly.

I always wash my hands before eating. These days I’m also careful to wash my hands before rubbing my eyes. I don’t worry too much about what my hands touch.

I’m back to uncomfortable hugging

anything is better than fist bumps.

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Elbow bumps? I know someone who continued that for at least a year.

What’s wrong with a polite wave?


I need to know @colonelsmoothie’s views here

still in elbow bump mode imo

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Actually you can wear those hand condoms imo, I know there’s a word for those but I forget

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