Wallet Epiphany

I always thought getting my wallet out of my pocket and then pulling my bus pass out to scan it was the most annoying part of boarding the autobus.

But I found out today that if I just plop my wallet on the scanner without taking out my card, it works. With all the trips I make, this adds up to real time savings!


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I used to just plop my bag on the id scanner in the office rather than take my id out. then security yelled at me that i was going to break the scanner doing that!


also means it is that much easier to scan your Credit Cards - I look for anti-scan wallets (or phone cases)

I bought a wallet last year and where I went looking (admittedly just Kohls), they had no wallets that weren’t anti-scan.

sounds like you might have tripled your productivity!


Mitchell Leather wallets FTW. They aren’t anti scan, afaik. But they are amazing and thin - thin enough I keep it in my front pocket.

I tried the wallet glued to my phone thingy. It took the charging wireless capability away.

I have a case/wallet - not sure of the wireless charging.

Pain for taking pictures, but I want to look for one like my wife’s where the phone pops out easily

yeah, unfortunately, I have one of those RFID blocker wallets

It’s a nice wallet, tho. I recommend

I’m not sure if my wallet is RFID blocking, but I keep my keycard for work in the front pocket of my purse and I can just hold the whole purse up to the door (correctly oriented) and it unlocks.

Except for today because they keycard had fallen out and was on the floor of the car. Oops!

I got an RFID blocking wallet, and then realized it was a huge pain to have to take my cards out, and i went back to using the old leather thing that’s falling apart. I guess ideally I’d have the credit cards in an RFID-blocking section, but the ID cards would be outside of it.

I was planning on buying a new “slim” wallet since I still have a bulky trifold that is around 20 years old (and continually puts holes in my jeans since it has a metal tag that wears through my back pocket).

Since I’m old, I want one that can still can hold a decent amount of cash (not money strap or clip) and I also want one that has a dedicated slot for my driver’s license. So that gets rid of ones like the Ridge

I have settled on the Kings Loot Kings Fold wallet. Anyone have one of these? Or have a recommendation that fits my criteria?

I’m a huge fan of Mitchell Leather. They hold a fair number of bills and all of my cards and are thin enough to easily fit in my front pocket.

Most are made from Horween leather, about as high quality as you’ll find.

I have a briefcase and wallet from Mitchell. Absolutely first rate shop.

Cash is gross and disgusting. I went from my 6 inch high leather wallet to a slim rfid type wallet that only holds cards a few years ago, never looked back. It has a clip on it for cash, that’s sufficient for a 20 or 2 folded over.
It’s one of those things that’s a bit of an uphill climb to get used to, but worth it when you do.

FB popped up a sponsored ad for this very company not more than a minute after I clicked the link!!! :tfh:

Ever used a medium binder clip? They are the best money clips on Earth and you can get a box of them for $3 or $4. The box isn’t necessary though as I have been using the same one for 7 strait years now.


What you need is a European carry-all.
Go from this…


…to this…


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Hmm, I don’t have enough money in my wallet to pay for any of those!!

All those damn home renovations costing too much?