Has anyone played this game? I’ve played a couple of times with my Sister and Brother-in-law, and then my family gave it to me recently for my birthday.

Basically - you choose a Disney villain and try to accomplish their goal. Each player has their own little game board they play on and other players can put up obstacles. The basic game play is the same, but each goal is very different. It can be a lot to keep up with. I haven’t played with all of the villains, but it seems like they’ve done a pretty good job of making them all pretty equal in difficulty.

The main game has 6 villains (Captain Hook, Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Prince John, Queen of Hearts). They have a couple of expansion sets out that each have 3 other villains (you can just get an expansion set and play it - you don’t need the main set).

I won the other night as the Queen of Hearts - with Jafar and Maleficent right on my tail (Ursula was also pretty close). Had some trouble another time with Prince John (it’s hard to find a good balance with him). My 8 year old got pretty frustrated with Captain Hook, but with my help we got pretty close.

Anyway, if you are in to board games it’s worth a look. If you are familiar with it - what are your favorite villains and do you have any good tips for any of them?

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I played it once with some friends. We had a lot of fun, and I’d love to get it and play it a bunch.

Won as Captain Hook today. Prince John was fairly close, but would have been a few moves away at least.

Thanks for the info, adding to my list of games to try.

Do you get to choose who your villain is, or are they randomly assigned as part of the set up? I know you said you choose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you get to say “I call X” when talking about playing.

You choose. Often I will choose randomly though. You can make that determination with whoever you are playing with (if two people want Captain Hook - gotta do something to decide).

If you had multiple copies of the game I don’t see why you couldn’t all choose the same villain, actually. The gameplay would work.

My wife just got this for Christmas. I’ve played it once with friends. Looking forward to getting to play all of the different characters!

Ours arrived last week, but we haven’t opened it yet. Maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hadn’t heard of it, but just bought it. I hope my older son enjoys it, we are always looking for games to play with him.

Bought it for 9 since Chara from Undertale is her favorite character.

Picked up a copy today on this thread recommendation

That’s a lot of pressure! If you don’t like it, it’s Soy’s fault.


We played Game of Thrones tonight so I’ll have to wait until later this weekend to see if I should thank/blame Soy. Lol

Props to Soy, we’ve played several games of this and it seems pretty balanced and rather fun.

I played Jafar twice and Captain Hook once. first time with Jafar didn’t realize I needed to be moving Lamp to the place of might have won, 2nd time with Jafar managed to win. But Prince John and and Ursula had satisfied win conditions too, I just managed to beat them by half a turn. Oh and tip for Jafar, spend power like a drunken sailor and burn as may cards as you need to to get the scarab and lamp.

Hook, I got screwed with the neverland map being at bottom of my deck. With hook get the map as quick as possible and get as many allies on the board as you can to defeat Peter Pan. And hope the useful device doesn’t get burned.

malifacient seems easiest to play and prince John seems straight forward but can be easy for other players to thwart.

Ursula seems to have one of the tougher win conditions, especially if Ariel comes into play.

So far Jafar, Malifecent, Captain Hook, and queen of hearts have all won by different players.

Our game arrived today, tried it out with Mr. NA and 8yo, but I think that was a mistake. It was difficult for me to understand how to play at first and trying to play with an ADHD kid on one of his med vacation days made it incredibly difficult, and we gave up partway through.

Will try again with just Mr. NA and myself to get the hang of the rules before reintroducing the 8yo, and will probably do it earlier on a meds day.

Played as Jafar, because 5yo picked for me. Mr. NA was Prince John, and 8yo was queen of hearts. I would have picked Ursula if the 5yo hadn’t insisted on Jafar (he has a love of figurines and gets very attached to things like that).

Played again today (after a several month hiatus). Won as Prince John against Maleficent and Ursula.

We played a fair bit over the holidays including one 8 player game that was pretty crazy. With all the fating going on took a long time for some to win. I got screwed early with fate and the contract to bind king triton was like 6 power tokens on round 2 when I had zero and some token slots covered.

I haven’t played for a bit since them but my daughter regularly plays with her friends family who we bought 2 of the expansion packs for Christmas.

How would you guys rank the characters from hardest to easiest to learn? I’m thinking Prince John is the easiest to understand, maybe Ursula is the hardest?

Yeah - Prince John is probably the easiest to figure out. Then maybe the Queen of Hearts. Either Jafar or Ursula are probably the most confusing.

As far as “easier to win with” - I think they have done a pretty decent job of making them even. I don’t have a whole lot of experience though.

Played today as Jafar. Sat just a move or two away from winning, but then kept getting fated and slowed down. Then Captain Hook snuck in and took the game. I fated Hook near the end, and didn’t see the way I could have slowed him down, so I played it wrong.