Valentine's gift ideas

I guess, chocolates, some overpriced roses? I’m kind of gifted out post Christmas, no good ideas left in the tank, what’ve you got?

This thread is of interest to me, as well.

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I’m between covering husband’s office wall with Mixtiles of kids and us (took a few years to collect enough pictures of us together to pull something like that off) and the lazier option of one of those cute Lovepop cards.


Make a Love Book guys

You’re welcome.


Also acceptable Gifts – The Adventure Challenge


How often does everyone buy jewelry as a gift? And when you do buy jewelry is there a better method than walking in, telling the person behind the counter how much money you’d like to give them and them deciding what they feel like giving in return?

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This idea looks like exactly what my wife would like though… will further investigate and tyvm!

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This also looks pretty cool… any other ideas to keep me stocked for the next few gifting events? :laughing:

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I do jewelry like every other year. I rotate between earrings, rings and necklaces.

Last October, I did earrings. Citrine, which is the 13th anniversary stone. Actually found some at Macy’s at a reasonable price.

Otherwise, I scour the antique shops for something she may like.

Interesting ideas Tiffany

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Gonna try this…

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So do you just have a decent sense of what the price should be so when they do the whole price reveal you already have a decent sense of what it should cost? And if so any tips on gaining that insight?

This is a clever idea…

For the gamer couples

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I meant a reasonable price that fit my budget. And I looked online first and wen to the store. The saleslady was quite helpful.

Makes sense. I feel like I always walk in just begging to be taken for a ride. They show me something that costs 2k and I respond looking to spend a fair bit less than that. What stops them from showing me something that really is worth $100 and taking my $500, or any other numbers? Tricky when they all hide the prices.

Side note: is it odd that the spell check dictionary in Firefox does not recognize “citrine,” capitalized or not, as a valid word? Vitrine and citric are the suggested replacements. it’s not that obscure of a stone.

I go in there and say, listen, I need something that’s around $x. Whatta ya got for me?

For “new” jewelry, I usually go to Macy’s. They’ve been my go to department store for many things over the years since I was a kid.

Lately, I look online to get a sense of the selection in my price range. Then I go to the store to see what they may have. I’ll save a webpage of something I like and show it to the clerk: “This is what I’m looking for…”

Nothing says “I love you” more than heart-shaped meat. Eat your heart out, Romeo!


For musical couples (or if your song happens to be in the list; Ours is Can’t Help Falling in Love with You and I did buy this in 2020):