Valentine's gift ideas

Hadn’t heard of these cards, so I googled and bought five of them. One for Mr. NA, three for mini-NA’s, and one for anniversary. Should go over well.

We do cards and dinner for v-day, so I’m good now.

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That’s so sweet, glad I could help :blush:

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We skip most holidays. Or I do anyway.
I’ve (almost) never done Jewelry. It sounds like a trap.
I think everyone loves flowers, though we have too many right now.
Alcohol is off the table. Chocolates too. Maybe pot brownies though?
I could see doing a date night for reals though, and maybe Tiffany’s RPG.

If you want to give your spouse a heart attack

I like that her big smile is permanently frozen there instead of screaming and ducking for cover.

We got Fog of Love, my wife didn’t like it. I thought it was decent, but we only played the tutorial and I don’t think we’ll break it out again

Same. I was going to buy my wife a really cool slag glass table lamp at auction last week but I was in the $350 range and it sold for $460 which I thought was way over market, so I’m back to square one.

Good to know - we don’t have it but I was considering it as well.

Is she into roleplay in general?

I think it can be fun if you like getting into the role of a character. I think my wife thought it was just dumb and wasn’t into it

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Hmmmm, liking those. I think I might give a modest heads up that something pops out of the box, or my wife might think I was trying to kill her.

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guess not

Oh okay. I was thinking of getting it for my wife, who does like RPGs and LARPs and such, so wanted to check.

We acknowledge Valentines day, but never a big gift holiday.

There is a new Pretzel shop near me, making heart shaped soft pretzels. Might be cute, though not sure of the shelf life if she doesn’t eat it right away

We have literally handed each other the same $5 box of candy from CVS.
This year it is a Monday night, so may go out for dinner locally. If on a weekend my make a reservation at a nicer spot.

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My husband gave me an engagement ring. And he made me help pick out out. I’ve never bought him jewelry.

If your wife likes new jewelry, it’s a fine gift, but you should look at what she buys and learn her style.

I sometimes buy jewelry for me. So, in my experience, not all places hide the prices – they are often on a little sticker on the underside of the piece. Shop at a place like that.

never for Valentines

rarely otherwise as my wife doesn’t change over that much. Recently she let me know she wanted something, which makes my life easier.

I trust most local Jewelers to be honest with me, but I usually go in with an idea of what I want

Alright fine I made one of these, too, but I’ll save it for our anniversary.

Will probably make them for my kids for their birthdays, too.


If I could super like this I would

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We don’t usually do V-day, but I got an email from my favorite massage place and I was really tempted to forward it to my hubby. I don’t know why I don’t just book it myself. He wouldn’t care.

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Our kids gave us a massage gift card like 3 years ago, I wonder if it is still good.

Have never had anything but a chair massage