Vaccine--3rd shot

Each day there is more and more talk of a 3rd shot for some people. And I’m sure it’ll extend to everyone sooner or later.

But what about people who got the Johnson & Johnson shot (I’m one of those). Will there be a second dose of it? Will I have to get a booster from one of the others?

What happens if you mix them?

Probably something akin to what happens when you “mix” getting the measles vaccine and a flu shot?

But for this situation, if there’s enough time between the doses, it might be far more like what happens when you get the flu shot (again) after getting one “last year”.

If a “third” shot is turning up to be needed, that means that the prior dose(s) have lost their impact/effectiveness. So I doubt that there’ll be anything new . . . but what happened for the prior shot(s) might occur again, but at a less severe level.

That’d be my guess anyway.

I wonder if any of these questions have been rigorously studied with actual data. :thinking:

There’s been work in the UK and Canada. But maybe not with J&J. I don’t know if AZ is similar enough to rely on that data.

Also, Israel is giving out third doses widely. By the time the FDA contemplates it for the rest of us, there will be good Israeli data.

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The UK also “tested” longer times between 1st & 2nd shots, and IIRC also allowed “mixing” the brands of jabs (e.g. 1st shot Moderna, 2nd Pfizer), right?

Yes, and Canada actively encouraged mixing brands. And both countries have been gathering data on that. Although I think the UK is more aggressive about gathering and publishing data.

Both countries were playing the odds, based on experience with other vaccines. And they seem to have won both bets. Most countries have regulatory agencies that are less restrictive in “exactly following results of studies performed in our country” than the FDA.

Fully vaccinated Americans could be rolling up their sleeves for another dose of the coronavirus vaccine as soon as next month.

The Biden administration is close to advising fully vaccinated Americans get COVID-19 booster shots eight months after their last vaccine. A source familiar with the discussions among administration health experts said this recommendation could come as soon as this week.

The plan was first reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The boosters would be intended to protect against the highly contagious delta variant, which has caused caseloads in the U.S. to surge. A third shot for those who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines would also help with any waning effectiveness of the current shots.

The source familiar with these discussions said administering the boosters could begin as early as mid to late September, pending authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

The New York Times reports officials expect those who received the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will need a booster shot as well. The government is waiting on recommending a second dose of Johnson & Johnson until it receives results from the company’s two-dose clinical trial.

Third shot crew reppin’. Didn’t get J&J initially, but can vouch that my 5G has even better reception now.


this seems to insinuate that whatever you got the first time, you gotta get for the rest of your life with boosters. what if i want to explore the moderna option now?

at first i was thinking pfizer, but i’m hearing that moderna is better for delta these days.

:confused: you already got a 3rd shot? i’m not understanding your post. what 3 did you get?

Pfizer. I am on heavy immunosuppressants due to an immunological disease. It’s estimated my second shot gave about 68% immunity (obviously it’s difficult to study in such a short span). So 3rd shot it is.

Edit: Forgot, I’m actually on three immunosuppressants… was just thinking about the IV one, not the pills.

Did you have any trouble getting the shot? I just scheduled a third shot for my mom, who is also on immune suppressing drugs. I ended up scheduling something for next Wednesday after discovering that the local CVS no longer does walk-ins.

That’s what they are recommending now, (and no boosters for J&J recommended at this time) but there are a ton of studies in other countries showing that it’s fine to mix vaccines. The US will eventually catch up.

I had no issues. Went through a local grocery pharmacy, called ahead first to confirm I didn’t need an appointment and it was like normal, in and out with little wait, recommendation to wait 15 minutes but personally I didn’t.

Interesting, I was told to wait 15 min after my first shot, but for the second shot they just kicked me loose.

The CVS lady seemed like she’d wrestle me to the ground if I didn’t wait the 15 minutes on both shots!

Waiting for them to redefine ‘fully vaccinated’ to ‘currently fully vaccinated’.

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Insignificant signal?


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