United States Presidential & Congressional Election 2024

Agree with most of this re: Russia and the Saudis etc. Trump wants to be a dictator. He reveres them and wants to live like them. He’s been crystal clear about this.

One quibble - almost everything in the Steele dossier is true. There were a handful of things that couldn’t be verified and that’s what the media focused on. With trump’s taxes finally getting released we might actually see some proof of all the money laundering and corruption. Not sure it will matter at all but maybe now that his star is starting to fade people will take his crimes more seriously.

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I lived in Tucker for ages 4-9, then moved to Stone Mountain adjacent to Tucker area and lived there through high school. Tucker is actually starting to be somewhat hip now, with a fair amount of gentrification in the area.

One additional thought / clarification:

It is not really my intent to say that social issues are more important than national security or the prospect of the country becoming a somewhat inept version of Russian kleptocracy.

Objectively I know that a prolonged period of Trumpism would be worse for high-level national interests than a prolonged period of Desantisism, even though Trumpism probably would have less of a direct impact on me and mine.

However, in my political calculus, the crookedness of a Trump administration is a big part of why I would currently vote for him over Desantis. Public awareness of that crookedness dilutes the Trump Kool-Aid to the extent that he probably would not win the general election if it were held today.

I agree that it is a risky move…but both options are so incredibly bad that any vote would involve risk.

Yes, I think it could go either way…

The dissent is about how the felons can’t actually pay the fines.

  1. they don’t have the money.
  2. they have basically no way to know what their fines actually are.
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I am sorry to hear both of those things. I do not understand what that is like. I do have a 17 year old son at home picking out colleges who makes me very concerned about world conflicts that might require a draft. If the country turns to Republican sensibilities my preference is a cool head rather than a fool. Just my priorities and that’s why we get to vote. I would pick Biden over both however.

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Yeah, I don’t know if anyone would actually call Trump a social conservative. He did, however, have a big impact on American Republican culture in an obviously shitty way.


He’s not a social conservative, but he pandered to social conservatives in his quest to satisfy his sociopathic narcissism.

The fact that some of that pandering also resonates with the rabidness of his more enthusiastic minions created a herky-jerky proxy for inertia of social conservatism.


An approach that doesn’t require deciding which is worse – vote for whichever is behind at the time. Figure that an extended competitive race between them weakens the party in the general election.

Eh, Trump will get his goon squad to storm the GOP cofevention if he doesn’t get the nomination.