TV shows you stopped watching because they were crappy

The Morning Show
Handmaids Tale
Arrested Development
The Walking Dead

Under The Dome

I remember rage quitting half way through an episode in like the 3rd season.

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I liked TWD at the start, but around season 5 it just got too depressing. These characters were really put through the ringer

Virgin River

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This is Us
The various CSI spinoffs
La Liga
ST: Voyager

Is this jump-the-shark crappy or crappy from the start but it took you a few episodes to realize it?

Designated Survivor was really good for about 10 episodes into the 1st season but then it turned into a C grade version of the West Wing when it seemed like they caught the main instigator of the plot.
House of Cards was excellent but then he got promoted to the top job and had noone to undermine.
The Simpsons (also South Park for same reason) when I realized the kids were never going to get older. In their defense, cartoon characters don’t have to age like humans.
Fresh Off The Boat was excellent the first few episodes but then they seemed to run out of good writers.
I enjoyed Community for the first 15 episodes or so but it seemed to lose its way. I’ve since read that it redefined sitcoms but there were several episodes there that I couldn’t get past.

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either, but the former is more interesting




Grey’s Anatomy
CSI (Miami was bad from the beginning)

Murder One. Yeah, I know - none of you remember it.

Season 1 - great. Of course it was great, I was in it. The entire season was a single storyline, it was fantastic writing. I was beyond incredible in my scenes. The actuarials were off the chart. If you try jumping in mid-season, you might struggle to get up to speed on what’s going on, but after a while you figure it out - largely because the network decided to spend the first 5 minutes of each show rehashing what had happened in prior shows. (Hey, people - want to know what happened? Watch the fucking show.)

Season 2 - it was so bad, they didn’t have a Season 3. It was so bad, they dumped the last 6 episodes on a weekend where no one was watching TV.

Why was Season 2 so bad? I dunno, let’s see. Steven Bochco gets pissed because … well, maybe I like to take a leisurely shit at home in the morning before coming into work and that means I don’t get there until something closer to noon, and he has this dumb idea we need to be shooting by 9am. And maybe I like taking a shit in my home, not in some strange apartment even if it’s done up to suit me. And Steven decides he knows better and fires me for taking my morning shit at home, and he caves to network pressure on how to write the show and does this mini-series thing for Season 2, and it’s … look, the actuarials on the whole idea weren’t good to begin with, and then the story lines he came up with were just fucking ridiculous.

I feel like a lot of shows have a good 2-3 seasons and then fall off a cliff. The final season may or may not be good as they wrap things up. Does that mean I stop watching them? Not usually, but I should… :grimacing:

Person of Interest
Designated Survivor (only season 1 was good. I appreciated the message in season 2 but execution failed. I did quit at the start of season 3)
And several others I don’t remember right now.

Law & Order: SVU - after Detective Stabler left.


If you don’t like Community watching from the start then you probably won’t later on. I think its one of the best sitcoms of all time. Top notch through the first 5 and a half seasons imo

Married With children. Didn’t want my kids to watch

For my wife – Criminal Minds

was the title originally crappy I read and ansered based on creepy
ignore my answer

The last 2 seasons are sub-par, but still well worth watching, IMO.

Still waiting for the movie…

there have been talks about doing it recently.
And I meant the first 4 and a half seasons were good, until Donald Glover left essentially. Some fans don’t like season 4 but I thought it was fine.

Reminds me: The Office.

After you grind through the first two seasons, 3-7 are outstanding. Season 8 is forgettable. Season 9 was better (though that’s a low bar to clear), not up to 3-7 level but still worth watching.

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My first time watching I didn’t like season 8 and thought season 9 was good. Upon rewatching I’ve completely reversed my opinion and think season 8 is incredibly underrated and season 9 is bad.

Roseanne, worst shark jump ever


Cosby, kids grew up, hated Raven Symon

Two and a Half Men, charlie left, alan got too pathetic

Criminal Minds, writing got weak


the office. I think the wedding episode is where I was like, ya, I’m done here.