Turf for canines

I happen to buying a house that currently has no lawn in the backyard…just dirt. Given water restrictions where I live we might not put in grass at all, just other low-water-use landscaping (rocks, wood chips, other plants, etc.)

We happen to have two dogs who, I believe, would prefer the comfort of urinating and defecating on a grass-like surface.

A quick google search has turned up K9grass.

I’m looking for suggestions, experiences, advice, etc. regarding dog-relief-amenities.

:dog: :dog2: Cookie & Honey thank you in advance.

I’ll give you two reasons why your dogs would prefer a natural grass yard:


Number 1



Number 2

Sorry, I’ve got nothing else for you, but good luck. I don’t know what they do in the desert areas like NM, AZ, and NV, but they have to have something for landscpaing lawns.

In the immortal words of Charles Brown I, “Those are good reasons!”

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While tenderloin is the best, a nice medium rare strip, or juicy ribeye works fine. :dog:

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I felt bad for making a joke and not offering any real advice, so the least I could do was help to google a solution.

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Actually, if you could translate what @Echo said, that would be helpful as well. I’m not worried about the first part of the food-equation. My dogs have that part down pat. It’s the second part that they’ll need to adjust to.

I was interpreting @Echo as refering to beef steaks are a prime example (pun intended) of

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or the “turf” in “surf and turf”?


That sounds sensical




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That was my translation.



I had to look up float-a-poo. It’s available on Amazon.

The idea is you collect the poop in the bag, then fill the bag with helium from a cannister, then let the poop bag float upward to the sky like a balloon, never to be seen (by you) again.

He totally gets me. :heart: :dog:


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That company makes some great products. I think my goddaughter’s child will be getting this for Christmas:

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