Trump's Pardons

I’m not going to comment on the reasonableness of the presidential pardons that DJT is handing out (it’s an interesting collection that’s for sure), but I will make a comment that the fact that he’s handing out these pardons most likely means he’s planning to exit the White House in January.

It’s probably safe to tell the military that the coup has been called off and they can stand down.

i’m not so sure. how hard is it for him to grant a pardon? seems like he could grant all these pardons as insurance, but still refuse to leave.

I hope Trump pardons us for accessing the zombie AO. There’s a law about unauthorized access to computers that can be really, really loosely interpreted.

what’s DW Simpson gonna do about it?

Or, it could mean that he’s sending a message that it’s okay to break the law to keep him in power. That seems pretty likely given the people he pardoned.

I will say I appreciate your looking on the bright side

That alone says so, so much. After all, most reasonable people would say that pardoning mass murderers who clearly engaged in what we’d otherwise call war crimes, pardoning criminals who engaged in witness tampering, and pardoning criminals who clearly resisted cooperating with an investigation for the express purpose of protecting the President is woefully inappropriate behavior which should be condemned in the strongest terms possible because it makes a mockery of the American justice system and the notion that the rule of law applies to everyone.

But, I guess it’s easier to just :man_shrugging: and utter some weasel-mouthed “I dunno, who can really say what is right and what is wrong?” remark.

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meh. I’m not commenting on the reasonableness of Trump’s presidential pardons because I’m not commenting on the reasonableness of any previous president’s presidential pardons. Those things are always full of rewarding influence-peddling and big supporters. It’s not new and it’s not the point of this thread. If you want to start a thread about the reasonableness of Trump’s presidential pardons - go ahead. You might even get a badge if it’s the first time you start a thread. Let me know if you need help starting a thread. Maybe I can walk you through it in a zoom call or something.

So - the point of a thread titled “Trumps pardons” isn’t to discuss Trumps pardons?

Not in this thread. We can add you to the zoom call if you’d like to know how to start a thread. Send your contact info to Ted.

Maybe I’ll just ignore you instead, since you clearly lack a spine and think being a complete smart-ass is cute.

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So does that we won’t be having a zoom call with @soyleche?

It doesn’t seem like you read my posts, just the thread title, and then you make assumptions about me. Go ahead and ignore me. It seems like you already do.

The thing is - threads evolve. They often stay semi close to the thread title, but after the first couple of minutes nobody cares about the OP.

If the thread lasts at all, it will be people talking about Trumps pardons. You can choose to participate or not.

I know threads evolve, but Ted’s throwing down assumptions about me and making comments that I’m unreasonable, weasel-mouthed, lacking a spine, smart-ass because my OP didn’t fit where this thread evolved, not where I started it and intended it to go.

I find that type of behavior to be dickedness of the highest degree.

It hadn’t even evolved yet. Your op doesn’t fit with the thread title. That’s your own fault for giving it a title that doesn’t match what you wanted to talk about. The thread title does more to set up a thread topic than the op does. You should add a section about that fact to your zoom call.

Anyway - someone pointed out on Twitter that Ivanka’s kids are among the very few that have had one grandpa pardoned by another grandpa.

I’ll say it. Trumps pardons have been unconscionable so far and may get worse in the coming days.

And to keep this on topic for the OP I disagree with your premise, it’s more a signal to his toadies, back me and if it goes south I’ll pardon you as long as you stick by me.

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Sure it does. I’m going to have to continue to disagree with you here because you are dead wrong and seem to want to continue to push some falsehood… My OP doesn’t fit with your expectation of the thread title. That’s on you - not me. If you’d like to start a thread with your expectations - start a thread.

Here’s a lot of the different ways it could go based on the thread title - all of them are fine and correct - they might or might not fit with your expectation. I have no way of knowing what your expectations are and I’m not sure I care. I didn’t start this thread based on your expectations.

  • count of DJTs pardons compared to count of prior presidential pardons
  • reasonableness of some of the DJT pardons
  • unreasonableness of some of the DJT pardons
  • are the pardons a signal of DJTs acceptance of the upcoming Biden administration since it seems to be a concern of some people the DJT won’t leave the White House.
  • comparison of DJT reasonable pardons to prior presidential pardons
  • comparison of DJT unreasonable pardons compared to prior unreasonableness pardons
  • Nepotism of DJT’s pardons in relation to his daughter’s children.

Now sit back down at the kids table or go wrap some gifts. It’s going to be an early morning tomorrow and you want to make sure you’ve gotten a least a couple hours of sleep.

Both of you, knock off the insults.

Feel free to insult trump, and to point out that the OP doesn’t match the thread title. But object to the posts, not the posters. Please don’t insult each other.

anyone else feel like he is opening the gates to Arkham Asylum in an attempt to conquer the country?

I don’t. I think he genuinely admires the guys who murdered random civilians in Iraq, and didn’t think they deserved to be in prison. Most of the rest are people who are related to him or who broke the law helping him, so he thinks they are “good guys”.