Trivia Questions BG gets wrong

My wife and I play local pub trivia a few times a month. We are pretty good against the local competition. The gatherings are small. from 3 or 4 teams to maybe 10.

This thread will be for some of the questions we didn’t get right. We probably run at a 80-85% correct clip.

category: transportation

On what type of transportation would you find a “futtock”?

A: wooden ship
B: hot air ballon
C: stagecoach
D: steam engine

BG’s guess: stagecoach

Answer wooden ship

Category: Science

What is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust?

BG’s guess: iron

Answer: aluminum

category: sitcoms

What was the first sitcom on which a toilet flush was heard?

BG’s guess: Leave It to Beaver

Answer: All In the Family

I would have gotten all of them wrong, but I really felt like it would be iron. Not 100% but I felt good about iron.

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iron is #2. Nickel was also in our discussion.

Category: Literature

Who is int he Guinness book of World Records as the author who has the most published works?

BG’s guess: Shakespeare (knew it was wrong, had to put something)

Answer: L Ron Hubbard

I got this one right but it was a guess. It sounds like something a sailor would say.

You would be correct if the question was “first sitcom to show a toilet”.

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I would’ve guessed either Leonard Euler or Paul Erdős

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I believe Leave It To Beaver was the first time you ever saw a toilet on TV, but I guess no one flushed it.

D’oh! :ninja:’d

In the future could you please blur your answer as well so as to eliminate any answers? I want to see if I would make the same mistake that you did.


Could you number them as well?

I knew the toilet-flushing one.

Could you give prizes out to those of us who guess the correct answer as well?

Well . . . BG thinks he a prize. You want him to . . . give out?

He’s mentioned his oral skills with the ladies.

This is a travel related question, so I understand why you found it difficult.


Only one lady gets that benefit now.

So . . . you’re talking to only one lady?

you’re only talking to one lady?

only you’re talking to one lady?

you’re talking to one lady only?