Trivia Questions BG gets wrong

Category: Mythological creatures

Question: what is the official occupation of (most) Leprechauns?

BG’s guess: Thief

Answer: Cobbler

The only reason I got this right was Keebler cookies mascot is an elf and I thought Keebler = cobbler

Whoo! I legitimately knew that one. Perk of being married to the Irish.

The Keebler guys are elves. Not leprechauns.

My selective knowledge worked to my advantage!

Side note: I’m hosting trivia tonight. it’s through a company and I don’t get to make up the questions. But I think it will be fun anyway. (Well, I’m officially training tonight. But I’ll be handling some of the MC duties…)

Category: General Knowledge

Question: True or False. Queen Elizabeth I’s nickname was “Good Queen Bess”

BG’s guess: False. I have zero interest in monarch questions and very little knowledge on these kind of questions.

Answer: True

Category: Sports

Question: “Socceroos” is the nickname for what country’s soccer team?

A: Denmark
B: Saudi Arabia
C: Australia

BG’s guess: D USA. I thought it was called ‘football’ everywhere else

Answer: C Australia. I also thought this was a too-easy-red-herring

Category: General Knowledge

Question: In the name J. C. Penny, the J stands for James. What does the C stand for?

BG’s guess: Charles. We had zero idea.

Answer: Cash

This one I actually knew.

I would have gotten this one right, not because I knew the answer but because it seemed like the most logical guess. I did know that the word “soccer” is not USA-specific, so that helps.

I learned that from watching Bend It Like Beckham with a Brit. The girls go into a store called Soccer City or something close to that… in London. I commented on it being off and the Brit corrected me, explaining that the words football and soccer are interchangeable over there. :woman_shrugging:

Yeah, the Aussies play their own version of Football so it wold seem reasonable that they might also call it soccer.

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Dude, they have Australian footy.

Will you be hosting for a Challenge Entertainment sub?