Travel advice

These are from a flight attendant, posted on Facebook by a mutual friend. Good advice. Feel free to add more and/or ask questions.


The pilot/crew shortage now is real. Summer thunderstorms will only further complicate moving pilots and staff to other locations.

I’m now getting nervous about an upcoming 56 minute layover in ATL. The first flight says it is 100% on time, so hopefully they maintain that track record. Second flight is only 80% on time, but it’s ok if that one is a little late. Fingers crossed.

I think both flights will be in the same terminal. They’re both operated by the same airline anyway. (Not switching from Delta main line to Endeavor or SkyWest to Republic or something like that where changing terminals would be more likely.)

hmmm I have several trips coming up later in the summer. one international. hope things get better then

don’t bring a bomb on board, even if the probability of two bombs being on board is astronomical


56 minutes in ATL should be fine, but I’d recommend you not to check a bag. If you have to check one, keep some underwear and toiletries in your carryon.

Some acquaintances are in Scotland golfing right now. They’ve been there 5 days and their clubs haven’t arrived yet. At this point they’re just hoping they get them soon after getting home. They’re playing whatever rentals the courses have each day.

Know several people that have had to spend the night in a hotel after a cancellation to wait till tomorrow.

Yeah, I won’t have to check a bag this trip. There’s one bottle over 3.4 oz I’d like to bring, but I’ll just buy another at my destination.

Um i live in new york. Thanks for dissing my city bitch

Also, not sure if i should show my mother this. She just booked her first flight in over 50 YEARS for this coming November out of Newark, the airport she disses after giving all these reasons not to fly :grimacing:

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I don’t think it’s meant as anything personal against NYC or certainly New Yorkers.

But it is very expensive compared to most of the the rest of the country, and apparently have even more cancellations than most other airports.

I hope your mother’s flight is uneventful.


Sounds like you can smuggle a lot of alcohol during this mayhem. I shall keep this in mind.

i don’t want to jinx it, but i’ve flown a few times recently out of LGA and none of my flights were cancelled. flying again july 4 weekend. my flight back is 8pm, so entirely contrary to her advice. not ideal because the cab line in LGA at midnight on a sunday is INSANE!

oh actually my flight there is at 5, so both legs of the trip are contrary to her advice.

I’m not a morning person. there is no way i’m taking that advice and setting any alarms for 3am. i refuse to fly in the morning at all. i always stay up late the night before packing and if i fly in the morning i’m guaranteed to be a zombie all day.

My fear of flying and resulting stubborn insistence on driving anywhere is finally paying off. We had zero issues getting to and from our destination last weekend.


Well I am not afraid of flying, but I do like a good old-fashioned road trip. Flying is OK if you go first class but lees OK otherwise. I usually just book first class.

I cheaped out on my upcoming trip and booked coach. Got complimentary upgrades to Comfort Plus on the flights out, but just downgraded from a middle seat in Comfort Plus to an exit row window seat in coach for the shorter flight. No free booze, but I think I’d rather have the window. Looking good for a first class upgrade on the longer flight, but we’ll see. I could theoretically get the first class upgrade on the shorter flight but there’s only one seat left in first, so it seems unlikely.

Driving is supposed to be better for the environment, even in most single-occupant vehicles. So you can also take comfort in knowing that you’re selecting the greener mode of transit.

Just want to say this is not unique to the US: most other countries are experiencing similar issues with plane travel. For example, Pearson Airport in Toronto may be as bad as Newark this summer. Unbelievable chaos there.



I’m typically indifferent between driving and flying somewhere around the 6 hour drive time mark. Depends on other factors too of course. 6 hour drive or take connecting flights? Driving. 7 hour drive but would like to bring the dog or lots of stuff? Driving. Flight cost, number of daily nonstops, will I need a car at destination, and time to/from airport at both ends are also important considerations among others.

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Ugh, My red line is 6 hours. But I get it. I can change to 7 hours
Great advice!

Yeah, will you need a car when you get there is huge. Renting a car is considerable extra time and expense.

Another one is how close / easy is it to get from your home to the origin airport and the destination airport to your actual final destination.