Transgender trends and politics in the US

If the democratic party wants to run on Transgender transition surgeries and hormone therapy for children under 18 they will get landslided out of office in 2024. This is a losing issue nationally. It could turn some blueish states red like GA, MN, MI, PA and some others. Adults however can do whatever they want and most people agree with that. Push into children and you lose.

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While I agree that putting care for trans minors as the lead issue wouldn’t be the wisest strategy for Dems, I do see the potential for gaining support from a few otherwise unaffiliated folks by presenting an argument for restricting government intervention from private healthcare decisions.

Of course, spinning that such that it includes abortion rights and care for trans children, but doesn’t extend to requirements for schoolkids to be vaccinated would be an interesting big of logic to try to sell.

I roughly agree with this. Trans-rights is a wedge issue that will be difficult to navigate for Democrats.

Although, I feel like you’re less arguing about trans-rights here, and more about why the electoral college and US senate suck.

The real problem (the reason the Democratic party might fall for this trap of yours) is that there are more blue Americans than blue states.

Not so sure. I see Transgender rights as one of those issues that everyone seems to have an opinion on, but few people will base their votes on.

Does anybody want transition surgery for minors? I don’t think doctors will do that.

But many states are banning all treatment for minors.


Its somewhat similar to the accusations that Dems want to abort healthy babies at 38 weeks. Get the base riled up about something that isn’t happening to further their actual goals.


Nobody wants it, but the question of whether to ban it splits Americans evenly.

And Americans would rather talk about non-existent issues than talk about real issues.

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This is the problem. Framing issues as the extreme drives their base. They lose arguments when the general populace is informed. This is why they’re suppressing their stance on abortion. People understand abortion well enough to make an informed decision and their base won’t let them discuss a reasonable approach or compromise on abortion.

I doubt all but the most rabid conservative would not support transition care for children which included, openness, counseling, and possible hormonal care. Allowing a child to explore their identity is part of being a good parent. So the GOP are stuck, they lose their core base if they discuss topics in a reasonable manner and the blanket false demonization of topics only last so long. So how many election cycles will they use trans issues as a driver to get out their vote?

Side note: There are those on the Dem side of this that use absolutes as well (see Dee Snyder issue) I just don’t see it as the overarching political strategy for the Democrats like you do at every level of the GOP.


I agree that Dee Snyder was unfairly dragged


What if the real reason that there are “two parties” is that the Uniparty just wanted to get around antitrust regulation? :tfh:


I think the number of Republicans who would disagree with this stance is higher than you seem to think it is. I think a lot of Republicans view transgenderism as an inability to accept reality, and transition care is NOT seen as an appropriate remedy by that group of people.


Well, you’re getting to the issue.



The US is sharply divided down the middle on all things gender, including hormone therapy.

This is not a crazy extremist thing-- it’s more like where gay marriage was 20 years ago.

(Which, was a winning wedge-issue for Bush, iirc. I think Republicans later changed their mind on both gay marriage and Bush, but they were winning at the moment.)


A majority of adults surveyed in the poll, 57 percent, said a person’s gender is determined by their sex assigned at birth, while 43 percent said it can be different from their sex assigned at birth.

It still amazes me how fucking stupid Americans are and their fundamental need to pick their desired fantasy over object reality.


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I dunno. The number of trans kids is through the roof. Which makes reality hard to accept. Maybe need a thread for it.

It’s almost as if you stop stigmatizing it, the reported population converges to the true population.


That’s my first thought too, of course, but what’s the true rate?

Why don’t older people join in? Are they all in denial? Or past some point where it’s worth investigating?
What are the old people (who should be trans but aren’t) like now?
What were they like when they were kids?

You could ask some here that have some insight directly

lol. Yes I would appreciate Alyssa’s and Samantha’s opinions.

Although I at least? suspect they don’t want to talk for all trans people, or be made to wildly speculate about population trends.

Out of a random starting number, Pew puts 3% of young adults as non-binary and 2% as trans. Looking around a bit for a survey of teens and geography now…