Transgender athletes can now compete in women's sports

Gender was really meant to be a proxy for difference in strength and size anyway.

Maybe have height buckets for basketball instead of gender.

Weight buckets for football.

won’t work - first of all I don’t believe there is an intermural Woman’s Football

2nd if you put a 6’ 10" woman into a men’s basketball game she would be dominated

It is impossible to really come up with a fair solution for both the player and the fairness of sport

I promise you no one is pretending to be trans just to dominate women’s sports.


An opportunity to own the libs? Some jackass will do it.

No, no they won’t. Presenting as a gender that you are not is incredibly mentally draining, and no one is going to voluntarily do that to themselves.

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I agree no true trans person or gender confused person would do this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some straight guy would announce he was trans to make a point.

Even so, whether on purpose or not, the competition becomes unfair.
and no letting them compete makes life unfair.

Other than biological testing, I can’t see making competition fair.

No straight guy would do that. It’s brutal on your psyche. You might think it sounds easy and like the movies, but it’s not. Somebody that faked being trans would likely be severely depressed or suicidial within months, neither of which is conducive to excelling at athletic competition.

First, I’ve been on estrogen for 6 months and an anti-androgen for 3 months, and I’m already struggling with strength things that were easy before. Any competitive advantage is fairly quickly going to diminish. Second of all, there are cisgender women with naturally high levels of testosterone and basing testing based on hormone levels is problematic for them (ask Caster Semenya).

Honestly, this idea of ‘cis men will fake being women to win at sports’ is hateful and transphobic, and not based in any sort of reality.


MH: I could see a straight guy claiming it he is trans, not actually going through with any procedures,and yes it would be hateful and transphobic.

and it is cases like Semenya, that make me realize there is no fair answer. Letting her compete against other women is not fair to them and making her compete against men is not fair to her.

If someone gets the idea they can make a ton of money in women’s sports I could see someone doing it. I mean wasn’t that the argument against Renee Richards all the way back in the 70s? That said, I think the risk of it happening with any regularity is quite small and in sports that don’t pay much at all almost nonexistent.

which is basically sidetracking my point, that even unintentionally, it is not a fair situation

I think you misunderstood me. YOU are being hateful and transphobic perpetuate the myth that people will lie about being trans. It’s the same argument about trans people not using the restroom of their gender. It’s the same argument that was used to try to prevent racial desegration (“black kids will hurt the white girls”).

It’s not unfair for trans women to compete in women’s sports. They are women. They aren’t cis women, but they are women.

I am being transphobic believing a straight person might do something untorrid to try and prove the system doesn’t work. sure, fine

I guess it’s easier to just blow off people that are pointing out when you are wrong than it is to actually look at why you believe such nonsense happens and fix it.

That point is, what exactly?

MH is spot-on here. No guy is going to pretend to be trans in order to try and dominate a women’s sport where he’s going to make less money than if he dominated the same man’s sport, take all the abuse females get generally and female athletes get specifically, and endure all the mocking (and it will be vicious and incessant) that will be heaped on him by men for the rest of time when it’s found out he’s engaged in a charade for however long. There’s no amount of money that somehow makes up for that.

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I don’t know. People can be really weird about sports. They will start at the age of 5, take deadly drugs, and spend 18 hours a day for 20 years practicing ping-pong for a chance at a bronze medal.

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Agree here that sports are not really “fair” by definition, and gender based segregation has always been kind of gross solution to the problem.

Let’s come up with a topic that is super divisive and yet very unimpactful to talk about…

who said “dominate” or anything about money?

I think some asshat cis guy will claim to be a woman just to challenge the system. most likely in HS.

Except you are wrong as there have been states and countries that have allowed trans people to compete as their gender for years and that’s just not happening. You are perpetuating a right wing myth that is used to deny trans people basic human rights.