Tom, thanks for not updating the AO banner today

Thanks Tom


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What’s today?

Oh lol, Halloween.

You don’t get trick or treat folks in your side of the Canadian woods?

We just finished over here in the UK.

Of course. We hand out at a minimum full sized candy bars, but only when I don’t have time to source out something really cool. And, shots of sambucca for the adults.
I just forget about it. It’s been a busy day and halloween isn’t currently as big a deal in our house since our kids are older.

We had about 20 kids come by this evening. Fluffin’ cold out, so we closed up shop a few minutes ago. :jack_o_lantern: :cold_face:

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Got our usual 0.

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Ima gonna need some :2pac: for that one

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No one’s come around yet.
Also, about 72 degrees outside.

Crap. I forgot to disable the exterior lights’ programming before we left on vacation.

Oh well, we never get trick or treaters anyway.


Bro’s house?


Ditto :upside_down_face: we’re a new subdivision just off of a busy street so I m thinking the kids don’t know we’re here.

What am I supposed to do with all this Paella?!?!

Edit: a couple of kids just showed up.

Few kids come to our house. It’s a bit out of the way. I’ll sit outside and enjoy Phoenix October just in case.

Just about to turn on Ghostbusters. Wouldn’t be Halloween without it.