Tom Brady Sacrificing Marriage To Play Football

Disagree. If you have no love left after a few years that marriage does not sound like a good one. And there are plenty of not good marriages out there that people stay in. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible - there are plenty of good marriages too.


Tom hasn’t had a life outside football. He needs to take up some new hobbies like birdwatching or politics.

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the bad ones way outnumber the good.

if you’re an actuary, bet on a random marriage being bad imo

I guess it’s hard to psychologically accept that your best professional years are behind you. Tom Brady is old by football standards, but in the grand scheme of things, he’s still young. When players retire at say 30, it can be depressing to think that they’ll never accomplish anything greater than what they did when they were 26 and it’s all downhill from there.

Us normal folk don’t really peak professionally until our late 50s and even then we don’t care about it as much as Tom does.

let’s all say it together. tom brady sucks at football now

This made me laugh of loud. I can just imagine Tom sitting in the woods taking notes, “now was that a yellow-rumped warbler or a magnolia warbler”


because people who rise to that level of success are not driven by interpersonal relationships, but by inner achievement complexes. Same reason Warren Buffet is still doing what he’s doing year in and year out - because he only views his own personal achievements as worth anything. The marriage for Brady is just something that “was supposed to happen”, so he doesn’t really care about it. He’s addicted to the power and the status that come with being in the spotlight, and everything else is sacrificial fodder for him.


He can try all he wants but he’ll never get to the top of birdwatching. You have to start young.


Yeah i think this is a huge part of it based on someone i know who is in a similar situation as tom brady.


No salary cap for supermodels.

I would imagine that if they had a completely garbage marriage, she wouldn’t care if he committed to being at home more or not. They can pay for all the childcare and home care they need. If she wants him around more, I imagine it’s at least because she thinks her children would benefit from that. It’s not something a totally selfish person with a fake marriage would do. Not to say their marriage is happy or healthy, because who knows, but I find it hard to believe she would want this from someone whose relationship to her is strictly transactional.

I imagine she knew exactly who she married, though, if not right away then at some point early on. I hope the kids end up alright.


eh, people have trouble parting with people that abuse them even.

When you’ve been together for more than a couple years it gets difficult to part ways, even if that person is abusing you physically.

I think there’s a pretty broad spectrum of marriage quality ranging from very good to very very VERY bad. But a lot in the middle. And probably a lot where one person is more invested in the relationship than the other person.

It’s easy for me to believe that Giselle might have wanted a few years of relatively normal/traditional family life before the kids leave home and Tom DNGAF about that. Obviously I can’t say for sure that’s their situation, just a plausible scenario given what we do know.


Gary Kubiak would fit into this . . . although he did step aside for a year or two before returning in an official capacity.

i think she knew it in the same way she knew her own career had a finish line too. or the main career. i think she knew it more than an average football spouse - the career window closes. his went exceptionally long. and then he extended it one time beyond what was explainable i guess.

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Maybe he just needs those special massages that keep him so limber in his 40s. No birder has had that advantage before!

hmmmm, super rich kids where their father is more into football than them? i’m not gonna have too much concern for them. they will be fine.

Looks can be deceiving.
I’m guessing she is not as fun as playing football.
“Take out the garbage? Fuck that, I’m going back to football.”

Also, hanging out with the pre-game crew (also, the half-time crew and the post-game crew, so, eight fucking hours with those a-holes) also sucks harder than playing football.

It’s just the way we are. Being an asshole doesn’t appear to be restricted to a certain gender, race, or creed in my 42 years of being alive. They’re everywhere.