Tom Brady Sacrificing Marriage To Play Football

I know this is a sports topic, but it seems like a relevant enough topic to post here. What drives someone to make a decision like this? For those not in the know he retired last March and then in May decided to unretire for at least one more season. This pissed off Gisele and she has now basically given him an ultimatum me or football.

Relevent details here are that he has played in 11 Super Bowls and won 8 of them which is 3 more than any other player in NFL history. He is widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time. At 43 years old he literally cannot add anything to his football career. He has already done it all and more. He can only subtract from it which he is doing. He is on the first 3 game losing streak of his career and he predictably looks a little old. He was also offered a cushy role on Fox on their Sunday pregame crew for over $10 million a year.

Why give up your intelligent, richer than you, seemingly great mother, and very attractive wife for one more year of bad football when you have nothing to prove? I don’t understand.

Presumably their marriage was shallower than others and so the loss of even a couple more years of his passion was worth the sacrifice?

I think from a football perspective alone, he was silly to come back. Throwing for yardage, but doesn’t look sharp.

From a marriage perspective, one would have to think things weren’t good before and he just didn’t care.

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When you get to the “X or me” part of the relationship, it’s likely that the “me” will be going away soon anyway.

FTR - I don’t care one whit what happens to Tom Brady.

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damn, how is Gisele so rich

Models make a lot of money. More than athletes.

If we could understand men, there’d be no bad relationships

men are pigs

Given the rapidly changing social structure and women being on equal footing in younger generations we are seeing the exact same type of behavior from women. People are selfish would be a better answer.

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true. change men to mankind

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most likely, but the X (retirement) made the most sense to everyone just from a football perspective, Xcept Brady.

So when your spouse asks you to make the logical, obvious move and you still do the opposite, there are problems.

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How do you know she is a great mother? She could also be a terrible wife. Also, isnt he rich with his own money? Im not sure her extra cash really adds anything to his quality of life.

I think his quality of life comes from being praised.

Kinda like Trump.

And Kanye.

They should form a club.

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he has been in 10 and won 7 of them. (not 11 as in OP)

I do not understand this current season. seemed clear that he had no more mountains to climb. there was no chance that Tampa could “get the band together” and so this season would be an enormous challenge. when he retired and unretired it was weird.happens a lot w athletes, but there was something weirder about it given that he notably had family to spend more time with. 10 days later (or whatever) he was done spending time w them? his wife has a lot of reasons to be pissed about how 2022 has gone.

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  1. ultimatum signals the end of a relationship
  2. more time with family after retirement means more friction and clarity to realize that said relationship is done
  3. knowing that the relationship is done, you get even more pissed because you were forced to let go the love of your life (being the goat)
  4. try to get the love of your life back!! (being the goat)
  5. fail miserably
  6. sadness (let’s hope it doesn’t end in suicide)

What’s sad here is that tom brady cant accept that he is too old to play football.

His marriage is obviously shit despite his wife being hot. I’m sure he can get another hot female

I think to be as good at football as he is, you must love it. It must be a part of who you are.

I don’t remember names right now, but remember hearing about other nfl coaches who have heart attacks but just keep coaching.

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the disconnect is she obviously wanted more time with him and family time. her demands did not seem unreasonable.

Was the marriage only shit from his perspective?

Possibly. He might not be cut out for marriage. Sounds like he is a shitty husband.

she probably just wants him in the house for the kids.

there’s very little love left after a few years of marriage.

It’s really hard to judge how a marriage / family life is going from the outside. You can often see someone every week and have no idea that inside the home they constantly yell at each other. There’s much more to a happy marriage than having someone who is hot. If he retired at first and realized hey this person that I never really saw much before since I was so engrossed in football doesn’t actually mesh well with me now that I have all this time he would then say well it’s over, we are getting divorced, I might as well unretire so I have something to do with my days.