Toilet seat poll

  • Elongated, because I am a person of culture
  • Round, because I hate my life

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we really need the option to rate threads on here like we had on the ao. i’d give it 5 stars.

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Why you hate round seats?

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I didn’t know that elongated seats exist. I really hate my life.

Is this have or want? Round came with the house and has never seemed worth ripping out. And doubly so now that there are bidet seats to match.

I don’t believe you don’t have elongated seats, you’re rich!

New chair height elongated toilets are like 100 bucks and easy to install. No reason to live an oompah loompah lifestyle.

Why am I participating in this conversation, I don’t even know.

Depends on the size and layout of your bathroom. My guess is that ao fan is unfamiliar because she’s from an area where space is at a premium and bathrooms are laid out in the most space-efficient way possible.

I have some large bathrooms in my house but the layouts sometimes still make an elongated toilet look out of place.

So my preference depends on the bathroom itself. For use, IDGAF. My butt fits fine on either one. :woman_shrugging:


I happen to have all elongated, because as we’ve replaced the toilets, that’s what the salespeople recommended/what the plumber showed up with/what the model we wanted for other reasons came in. But I’m almost completely indifferent.

Height matters a lot more. “Tall” is in style, and our most recently purchased toilet is too damn high. I had a stool in that bathroom for, well, stool, but now I use it most every time I use the toilet. I want to plant my feet firmly, damn it, even if I’m just peeing.

I gather that “comfort height” becomes easier to get on and off when you are old. But I’m pretty old, and I still prefer low toilets.

(In fact, when visiting Japan, I often used the squat toilets, because that feels right to me. )


I was going to suggest a poll on toilet height.

When we moved into this house, all the toilets were 16" high. It felt like you were trying to sit above the floor without sitting on it. We replaced all of them with 18" high, and you would think that wouldn’t make much of a difference but it’s a hell of a lot better and everyone is happier.

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Ooh, that’s a good topic. A small difference in height really feels different.

I just measured all the toilets in my home. The one in the master bedroom is about 16.5". The one that is too damn high, and that I regret buying, is 17.5". The one I bought right before that one, which feels perfect, is 16". And I have an older toilet, from before it got popular to make them taller, that’s 15" and change. That one does feel lower when I sit on it, but it’s quite comfortable to use.

So… maybe I don’t want to use your bathroom if I can avoid it. :wink:

My plumber says it’s worth a few extra bucks for American Standard or Toto or Kohler, says they clog less.

As the person in the house that cleans the toilets, I’m also a fan of a one-piece toilet, which also costs a bit more. But it’ll never leak, and it’s easier to clean than a two-piece.

15.66". i really fucking hate my life right now, you guys.

i’m so poor that i didn’t know that elongated seats exist!


I’d go farther, and say that it’s worth getting a highly-rated model from one of those brands. The up-front cost of a toilet is low, and the nuisance value of one that doesn’t work well is high.

I bought all two-piece toilets. I’ve never had a leak between the parts. The one-piece models do look sleeker, and I’m sure they are easier to clean, but I’m satisfied.

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I don’t have a shut-off valve for my toilet. once it just decided to overflow. thankfully i have a plunger, and i plunged the hell out of it manically until it went down. had i not had a plunger, the entire building would be under water right now.

They are common in public rest rooms. You’ve probably used them.

maybe i just don’t look at toilets as closely as the rest of you.

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some day maybe one piece suits will be in fashion too

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surely the ones in your office building are longer, like in the rest of the nation it’s normal for people to have toilets like that